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GOD’S NOT DEAD 2 (2016) – MY RATING: 8/10

GodsNotDead2God’s Not Dead 2 is another faith based movie where the existence of GOD is put on trial to prove HE is still alive and real. Like the first God’s Not Dead, the burden of proof is on the student. In this sequel, a teacher named Grace Wesley (Melissa Joan Hart) is in danger of being fired and having her teaching credentials revoked because she referenced Jesus in the classroom where GOD is not allowed. Grace violated school policy when she was accused of teaching and or preaching religion to her students. Even though she was asked a question that required the answer she gave, the school still decided to have her prosecuted despite all she had achieved as a teacher. A student recorded  Grace’s comment and reported her. The board asked her to apologize but she stood by her beliefs and the fact, that in her mind, she had done nothing wrong. The student Brooke Thawley, (Hayley Orrantia) who asked the question in the first place, was instructed not to talk to or contact her teacher during the court proceedings. Brook’s parents were told, if they win, it would look good on Brooke’s resume and any college would be happy to have her in their school and even help pay for her tuition. Grace’s lawyer, Tom Endler (Jesse Metcalfe) an agnostic, was hell bent on winning as he didn’t like loosing any case and put his all into winning this one.  Pat Boone played Grace’s grandfather, Ray Wise played Pete Kane, the atheist prosecutor, Robin Givens played Miss Kinney, the atheist principal, David A. R. White plays Reverend Dave and Benjamin Onyango plays Reverend Jude. There were quite a few themes that had nothing to do with the actual movie like “God is not Dead” was not an issue. No one said GOD was not dead. Another was the student who recorded and reported the incident is actually a christian.

I thought the case was fairly simple since the teacher really didn’t preach or introduce religion into the lesson but only answered a question using the same words presented to her. It seemed everyone was against her except the students who loved her, including the student that asked the question. After reading many reviews by non-believers, it has become clear to me, that the opinion of the United States in these modern times has changed drastically. Most people just don’t believe any more. Many feel this movie is just propaganda and many feel it is pointless. There is one quote that come out of this movie I’d like to share. “I would rather stand with GOD and be judged by the world than stand with the world and be judged by GOD.” GOD is Love — how many non-believers have read the Bible? How do you have an opinion about something you haven’t even read or studied? Regardless, GOD is not Dead 2 is a story about an incident that took place in a classroom and it’s validity was decided in a court of law. The acting was good and the story was inspired by several incidents that took place on several campuses, according to the credits displayed at the of the movie. I fail to understand why so many people are so offended because the story was told in a movie. I didn’t think this particular incident was worthy of a trial but since it did go to trial, I couldn’t ignore the facts or the findings.  Of course you would have to see the movie for yourself and form your own opinion.  It’s been documented that if you’re a believer, you’ll love the movie and if you’re not, you’ll probably hate it.    I did like it but thought it was a waste of tax payer’s money to bring it to trial since the teacher did not try to teach the Bible or bring her point of view or opinion into the lesson.  She answered a question truthfully with a fact that was presented to her by a student who actually was a believer already.  You probably should wait for the DVD.