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RUSH (2013) – My rating: 8.5/10

Rush(2013)While I’m completely in awe over Chris Hemsworth’s physical physique, beautiful blue eyes and gorgeous locks, I am now, also in awe of his acting abilities.  Chris who also plays Thor, did an outstanding job of playing James Hunt in this “based on a true story” about the revelry between two race car drivers, (James Hunt and Niki Lauda, played by Daniel Brühl).  I loved the great Ron Howard’s directional approach to this topic of race cars, noisy engines and big egos with just the right amount of love interests and morality to keep it balanced and interesting.

Daniel César Martín Brühl González Domingo (his birth name) brought his character, Niki Lauda, to life with all the passion, motivation, and skill required to play this complex role.  Normally, I would have been bored to death watching cars run around a track, as I am not a fan of race car driving but I was totally sucked in to this riveting story.  I think anyone would benefit from watching this action packed film on the big screen.  Anyway, how can you go wrong with Ron Howard at the helm?

CITIZEN JAMES (2000) – My rating: 8/10

Pretty Good for an Amateur!
DougEDougIf uniqueness is the goal of this movie, Doug E. Doug has hit “pay dirt”. Citizen James is about a bored, young black `wanna be’ movie maker. The character, played by Doug E. Doug, who also stared in the last Cosby sitcom in real life, has decided to make a movie about Angela Davis but has no money or clue how to get started. Miraculously, he finds a thug’s money and uses it to finance his endeavor. Before finding this money, he wrote to Bill Cosby asking that he sponsor his project since Bill had donated to other worthy causes. Of course the thug discovers who found his money and takes the appropriate action. There is low level humor and suspense in this movie as well as intrigue. It all comes together in the end.  Since Doug E. Doug wrote, directed and starred in  this low budgeted  movie, there is no DVD cover or any other bells and whistles that go along with regular movie productions.  Citizen James sends a  somewhat, powerful message.  It is truly worth seeing.

ONCE UPON A TIME… WHEN WE WERE COLORED (1995) – My rating: 7/10

Too Nice!
OnceUponATimeWhenWeWereColoredThis was a very nice, scaled down version of how it really was in the Deep South. The movie did not even begin to depict the real horror Blacks faced each day. There was just a hint of the KKK, Jim Crow and the plantation mentality Blacks had to endure. I kept waiting for those historical, explosive events, we all knew to be the law of the land, to explode onto the screen, but it never happened.

Life was unbearable; Blacks were looked upon as animals and treated as such. I walked away from this movie feeling like life was almost a bowl of cherries.

I find it so odd that people are tired of hearing about the Black experience but never get tired of all the holocaust movies. 6 million Jews were slaughtered over a 6 year period (approx) — hundreds of thousand Blacks were hung, beaten, raped, shot, humiliated and abused to death over a period of 150+ years, not to mention the suicides that took place on the slave ships in route to America. Admittedly, the holocaust was an atrocity, hopefully never to be repeated, while discrimination of Blacks is still a reality. Too bad there are no great movies that tell the Black Plight the way it should be told.