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REVOLUTION – My rating: 8/10

RevolutionI didn’t think this series would last.  The lights went out along with all power.  In other words, the world went back to fire and labor intensive task like walking.  Just image what this ever advancing technical universe would be like without the discoveries of the last 100 years.  In some ways, we would be better off and in most other ways, we would be screwed.

I was curious about the direction of Revolution.  What in the world would cause such a catastrophe?  As the series progresses, more and more is explained but still no real explanation as to the how.  On the way to the knowledge we all have been waiting for, many beloved cast member have perished and many situations that make for exciting viewing are revealed.  It’s interesting to see what man will do for power.  In this series, we are pretty close to Anarchy.  The biggest power group was lead by Sebastian Monroe alone with his best friend,  Miles Matheson, played by David Lyons and Billy Burke, respectively.  Through the seasons, that power group has been dissolved which means new groups have emerged. The hope was to regain power but that failed to do the trick, so off went the lights, again.  New issues have surfaced leaving us to interpret what a Nano does and what the future will hold.  There’s no end to the direction of Revolution.  It has gotten increasingly better over the seasons.  Check this one out — I think it’s a keeper.  The cast is huge and the stories are well acted and well told.  Revolution is currently airing on NBC.