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CRISIS – My rating: 7/10

CrisisCrisis is about the abduction of a school bus fully loaded with children, including the President of the United State’s son, while on a field trip.  The children are taken to a rather large and beautiful building where they are held captive.  The kidnappers make demands of the parents that include murder, extortion, resetting of satellites and much more.  The theme is “what will you do for your children”.  One newly trained Secret Service Agent, played by Lance Gross, was able to rescue one student and kill one of the captors.  Dermot Mulroney plays the master mind behind the whole plan and is also the father of one of the abducted students.

This series has the potential to bomb because the concept is absolutely ridiculous.  It’s saving grace is it’s so exciting and well acted that it may forge on to stardom.  There’s lots of drama and twist and turns amid the parents and the students.  One of the CIA agents working on the case is the mother of one of the students, only the student doesn’t know the women she calls mom is really her aunt.  This is so new, I can’t say much.  Watch it for yourself — it’s not bad! This series currently airs on NBC. Unfortunately, Crisis has been cancelled!

THE LONE RANGER (2013) — My rating: 9.5/10

TheLongRangerOkay, everyone knows I’m a huge Johnny Depp fan so this review might be slightly bias.  I will try my best to be honest and true.  Did I love this movie?  The answer is YES, YES, YES!  Only Johnny Depp could have set the aura, the comedic moves, the sarcasm, the hint of silliness and the seriousness that made this movie so good.  I vaguely remember the Lone Ranger of yesterday — if it had been written like this, I would not have forgotten a thing.  From Helena Bonham Carter’s gun shooting, porcelain leg and foot, to Tonto’s dead bird head gear, The Lone Ranger was a total blast.  It wasn’t slap stick (which I don’t care for) and it wasn’t silly or stupid.  It actually has a strong story to tell and some history lessons to boot.  The Indians didn’t get blamed for everything evil and bad and the greediness and ruthlessness of our great country came into play.  Of course the actions of some are not the rule of the majority but justice prevailed all over this funny yet dramatic movie from the past.  Armie Hammer who always reminds me of Brendan Fraser, did an excellent job of portraying the “justice is not blind” lawyer turned lawman.  I really enjoyed it, laughed endlessly and anxiously awaited each scene.  I highly recommend you check out The Lone Ranger!

[THE LONE RANGER is nominated for Achievement in Visual Effects]