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TRUMBO (2015) – My rating: 8.5/10

TrumboBased on a true story, Trumbo is about an era in Hollywood that referred to “The Hollywood Blacklist” or the “Entertainment Black List”.  This list was dedicated to Hollywood producers, directors, screenwriters, actors, musicians and other entertainment professionals who were suspected of belonging to or politically sympathizing with the American Communist Party.  The House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) was created in 1938 to investigate and carry out the elimination of Communist sympathizers in America.  The first Hollywood Blacklist was created in November of 1947, immediately after ten writers and directors refused to give testimony to the HUAC.  These ten were called the “Hollywood Ten”.  Senator Joseph McCathy conducted the “Witch Hunt” on all those suspected.  His paranoia and over zealousness became known as “McCarthyism”.  Many lives were destroyed during that time.  One of the Hollywood Ten was Dalton Trumbo (Bryan Cranston) known for Breaking Bad, who gives a fantastic performance as a brilliant Hollywood writer, husband and father.  Diane Lane plays as Cleo Fincher Trumbo, Bryan’s understanding and patient wife.  You also wouldn’t want to miss John Goodman as Frank King, the B rated movie producer who mysteriously manages to save the day or Helen Mirren as Hedda Hoppa the newspaper columnist who’s poison pen pulled many strings.

Trumbo sucks you in right from the beginning and never lets up.  The cast is superb, the acting is excellent and the story is captivating.  I understand a few award nominations have already been thrown their way.  I think this movie has flown way under the radar. There are so many great messages and fabulous scenes.  Trumbo is a movie definitely worth seeing.

[TRUMBO is nominated for Best Actor]