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THE CORE (2003) – My rating: 8/10

TheCoreHigh Marks for Imagination*** This may contain spoilers ***
Is science really that good? First we have to recognize there is a problem. Next, we have to figure out what the problem is. Then we have to determine if the problem can be resolved and if it can, how? Who is so good as to determine the earth’s core has stopped spinning because of an unexplained electrical storm in California and an attack of birds gone wild in Rome. Who would just happen to have a vessel, named Vergil, that can actually surf through the earth’s core of over 9000 degrees without disintegrating. What team of the worlds far most scientific, master minds would volunteer to journey to the center of the earth to jump start the core and what computer geek could stop a top military project dead in it’s tracks within minutes of a request? Someone has an overactive imagination and was able to put it in writing and tastefully present it on the big screen.

I must say, Jon Amiel did an excellent job of directing this movie into a suspenseful, action packed, science fiction thriller. I was entertained every step of this fantasy of a movie. A lot of research went into this story – it’s almost believable as numbers are calculated, meetings are held by top brass, and billions are spent to turn a 10 year project into a 3 month project. Their plan to restart the earth’s core even has a contingency plan called Destiny, which could turn out to be the death of the planet or our hero.

The success of The core depends more on God than on science as we don’t have the know how, equipment or power to deliver the resolution outlined in this movie. The special effects were excellent and the acting superb. The Core turned out to be a better movie than I thought it would be. 2 thumbs up for imagination and direction. 2 thumbs down if they think we bought it!

PLANET OF THE APES (2001) – My rating: 6.5/10

Nice Try!
PlanetOfTheApes(2001)The new Planet of the Apes doesn’t remake into a very good story. The Apes are more ape like but the story is a little hard to swallow. Although the action was ongoing, the surprise ending left me feeling hopeless. All resources as well as any options of survival were completely eliminated.  The best part of this film was Mark Wahlberg.

Despite Planet of the Ape’s violence, destruction and hopelessness, it’s still worth seeing.  Maybe you can come up with your own tagline, like see this on planet DVD!