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SECRET IN THEIR EYES (2015) – My rating: 7.8/10

SecretInTheirEyesSecret in their Eyes is a suspenseful “how can we convict this totally guilty guy” thriller.  It’s a little slow at times but keeps your interest level high most of the movie. Taking place in Los Angeles, the film focuses on four main characters, Jess Cobb’s, (Julia Roberts) a District Attorney’s Investigator working on a case along side FBI Counter Terrorism Investigator, Ray Karsten (Chiwetel Ejiofor),  newly hired Assistant DA, Claire Slone (Nicole Kidman) and the criminal, Marzin, (Joe Cole) who is hard to arrest or convict given his status to the affiliated case.  We learn early on that Caroline, Jess’ daughter is found raped, brutally murdered and bleached inside and out.  The problem with this plot is I find it hard to believe.  I think anyone would find it hard to believe cops, corrupt or not, would cover up a fellow officer’s tragedy with nothing in return. Secret in their Eyes was well acted but just not a believable plot.  It was exciting and had a couple of bazaar twist, still when you finally realized the bottom line, I think it spoiled the whole movie.  You’ll have to make up your own mind.  Also the past, present sequences got a little confusing at times.  There was one instance when I thought we were dealing with the present when we were actually dealing with the past.  I’m usually pretty good keeping up with that sort of thing.  My blunder surprised me.  The entire movie was shot that way (flash backs of the pass, then suddenly we are brought back to the present.  Despite how I feel about not believing the plot, the end almost justifies the means and overall, I did enjoy the movie.  However, I recommend that you wait for the DVD on this one.