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THE EQUALIZER (2014) – My rating: 9/10

TheEqualizerWhen a movie has me thinking about it more than 2 days, it’s good. The Equalizer is one of Denzel’s best. For once, the trailer didn’t give away the meat of the film. You could guess at what Denzel’s character, Robert McCall is from the coming attractions, but you’d be wrong. I am not going to give away anything because the element of surprise is what makes this movie so great. I really want to tell all, but I’ll restrain and hold my tongue. I can only say that Mr. McCall was well acted by Denzel Washington and the rest of the cast were equally as good, pun intended. There were so many great scenes in The Equalizer, I literally couldn’t stop reliving them in my mind. Need I say, this film is worth the price of a movie ticket and 2 hours and 11 minutes of your time . If you like good acting, action, drama and an excellent plot, you’ll be thoroughly entertained.

NASHVILLE – My rating: 8.5/10

NashvilleI never thought I would like a country music television series that take place in Nashville, Tennessee.  I’ve been to various cities in Tennessee and really liked what I saw and experienced, however I’ve never been a fan of country music.  I now have a whole new opinion of country music just because of this really well written series and well thought out plot.  The music is simply fantastic and the acting superb.  The story centers around a fading star, Rayna Jaymes (played by Connie Britton) and her family plus her new rival,  Juliette Barnes (played by former Heroes cheerleader, Hayden Panettiere).  There are lots of characters with profound stories.  Rayna and Juliette can’t seem to earn the respect from each other that is well deserved.  Complicating matters, is Rayna’s long time real love and father to one of her children, Deacon Claybourne (played by Charles Esten) and her very rich, corrupted father Lamar Wyatt, played by veteran actor (Powers Boothe) .  There’s lots of talent and lots of drama.  Nashville can be a tad bit soap opera-ish but is still worth watching.  You’ll find everything from music to cat fights to infidelity.  I’m enjoying Nashville to the utmost!

STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS (2013) – My rating: 8.5/10

StarTrekIntoDarknessWhat can I say about Star Trek.  I am a fan.  Star Trek into Darkness is one more of a brilliant series of Star Trek movies that I just find flawless.  As usual the story is deep and profound and entertaining.  Again we are taken into a time when Captain Kirk was a mere youngster with raging hormones governing his every move.  This adventure leads Kirk to fight in a war zone  world in which he must capture a one-man weapon of mass destruction.  Plenty of action, special effects and drama.  The story is outlined so clear and the characters are well portrayed by the actors who play them.  I think this is one of the best star treks made.  See it on DVD or Netflix.  Because of the special effects, I recommend seeing this on the big screen but since it’s too late for that, I say see it on other available media.

[STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS is nominated for Achievement in Visual Effects]

PARANOIA (2013) – My rating: 6/10

ParanoiaI was terribly disappointed in this movie.  I expected a great film instead I got a mediocre, unrealistic drama.  The best thing about this movie was the absolutely gorgeous creature (Liam Hemsworth) cast in the role of Adam Cassidy.   Not even the lovely Amber Heard could hold a candle to this beautiful hunk of a man.  I found his looks so distracting that focusing on the plot became difficult.  Gary Oldman did the best he could with his character (Nicolas Wyatt) as did Harrison Ford who played (Jock Goddard), the jilted CEO who became a rival of his former employee.  There’s plenty of threats thrown around and the pawn in the middle, of course, is Adam, who was sort of forced into espionage and deception.  Eventually he gets in too deep to just walk away.  I felt the characters could have been stronger and the means to the end was a little corny.

After seeing The Butler, this movie paled by comparison.  Paranoia wasn’t exciting nor did it satisfy my thirst for a good thriller.  It’s not a total waste but I suggest waiting for the DVD.

15 MINUTES (2001) My rating: 10/10

I’d Like To Convince Everyone To See “15 Minutes”!                             15MinutesI don’t think this action packed, really good movie received enough exposure. I had no idea when I saw 15 Minutes, I’d be so well entertained and emotionally moved. Aside from a great cast, this movie is different and goes where most movies will not. Do yourself a favor and see 15 Minutes, you won’t regret it. Non-stop action with an excellent story behind it and Robert De Niro too!

TAKE SHELTER (2011) – My rating: 6/10

Looking for an ending!
Why do critics and potential critics get so damn philosophical when critiquing a movie?
  What ever happened to being entertained or even conveying a simple message?

I will be the first to admit, Take Shelter is a confusing movie!  The wife, given the circumstances of her husband’s background, justifiably did not believe in him. Somewhere in this story, she decides to stick by him. In the end, she and their daughter sees what he sees. The audience deserves to know why their daughter was deaf, whether or not the weather was what it seemed to him and some rhyme or reason as to what happened in the end.

WE WERE LEFT HANGING AND THAT’S NOT GOOD OR ENJOYABLE. THERE’S NO CLOSURE WHICH MAKES THIS A WASTE OF TIME. WHERE IS THE MESSAGE IN THIS? Also, this movie was too slow, I had to fight to stay awake. The end make me wish I lost the fight — scenes were soooo…long, too many breaks of pure silence and finally, an ending that came without explanation.

If you have to make up the ending according to your take on this movie, you will also have to make up the answers to why his partner ratted him out, or if the rain had color to it, or if they actually were at Myrtle Beach. I didn’t want to have to rewrite the story.

I can only give this movie a 6 out of 10 — I don’t like to be left hanging!

AMERICAN HISTORY X (1998) – My rating: 10/10

A Lesson in Hate!
AmericanHistoryXAmerican History X is an excellent movie on the effects of hate and what hate feels like. Ed Norton deserves an academy award for his performance. He played a hateful, enraged murderer, a vulnerable, confused inmate and a man trying to get back on track starting with saving his younger brother. This film is emotion packed, well acted and well directed. American History X sends a powerful message. A must see!

The ART OF WAR (2000) – My rating: 7/10

The Art of Movie Making!
TheArtOfWarThis movie has all the standard special effects, action and violence one can stomach. The story line is a little hard to swallow and the bottom line is pitiful. If our country were left to the kind of characters portrayed in this movie, God help us.

Hollywood would have us believe that corruption is running rampart, especially where politics are concerned. If we have these kinds of criminal minds at work for us, we need to concentrate on a whole new government rather than watching movies. And I love movies.

The Art of War, if you don’t try to analyze it, is at best entertaining.

BEINGS (1998) – My rating: 8/10

A Movie for Children!
BeingsI read the first comments on this movie and thought they were too harsh. This is obviously a children’s movie that sends a pretty powerful message. A town of frightened folks stay head-strong in their beliefs because they are afraid. It’s a fairy-tale, so that means anything goes because it’s all made up. The special effects were better than most for its time. Compared to the computer generated movies I’ve seen in 2001, this is every bit as good. The plot is about a father who is dieing, his kids, who believe in the fairy legend that could save him, and a wife who doesn’t believe in anything. It’s interesting to see the family come together in an effort to save dad and teach the town a lesson. I think you’ll be entertained and some emotions will definitely get stirred about.

BIRTH (2004) – My rating: 6/10

A Deceitful Movie!
BirthWhy oh why did anyone make this movie? It was slow, dull and down right deceitful. The trailers would have you believe you’re in for a mysterious ride but in fact, you’re in for another unresolved, waste of time, money sucking, open-ended flick.  Birth’s concept was done before in a 1989 release of “Chances Are”, which was in good taste, with a good story and a good follow-up. The ending tied up all the loose ends, unlike “Birth” which left us hanging.

I truly want my money back — everyone in the theater agreed that “Birth” sucked. Not even Nicole Kidman could save this one.

Wait for cable!