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NEBRASKA (2013) – My rating: 7/10

NebraskaNebraska is a well told and well acted story about a man who is elderly and like many elderly folks (including my 96 year old dad) believes the endless onslaught of cleverly worded sweepstake mail.  In this case, he thinks he has won 1 million dollars and is determined to get to Lincoln, Nebraska to pick it up.  Nebraska comes off as sad and pitiful but picks up midway through the movie.  Bruce Dern does a fantastic job of emulating an old man who doesn’t have too many cares, doesn’t have too much to say and drinks entirely too much.  Filmed in black and white, Nebraska shows us how money can change the complexity of your life and the lives around you.  I found it interesting, slow and a little boring at times.  This is a wait for the video movie unless you’re trying to see all the Oscar nominated movies before March 2nd when the Academy Awards air.