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MEGAN LEAVEY (2017) – My rating: 9/10

Megan Leavey definitely flew under the radar.  While everyone was busy watching non-existent super heroes, a real true heroine went unnoticed.  This story was so real and sent such a profound message, I think the movie should be re-released just so folks can get a chance to see something of the real world they could really relate to.  We are not mindful enough of our soldiers who fight in harms way so that we can enjoy the freedom that we have.  I can’t say enough about their sacrifices, whether we believe in the war they are fighting or not.  They are following orders.

Megan Leavey was a troublesome young girl who couldn’t seem to do much of anything right.  She was always in some sort of trouble and didn’t get along with her mother, Jackie Leavey (Edie Falco) or her step father.  Her birth father seemed to work all the time so he wasn’t able to be there for her but he did love her and she seemed to return the feelings.  At some point, she had enough of her mother’s abusive, verbal attacks and the sad surroundings she found herself in day by day, so she joined the service.  Megan Leavey is based on the true life story of Marine corporal Megan Leavey who along with her military combat dog, Rex saved many lives during their deployment in Iraq.

When Corporal Megan Leavey (Kate Mara) first joined the Marines, she continued to have problems that almost got her kicked out due to her adolescence ways and immaturity.  Despite everything, she was determined to succeed this time, so she stuck it out and found her snitch.  Based on the true life story of a young Marine corporal whose unique discipline and bond with her military combat dog, saved many lives during their deployment in Iraq. Megan served as a Military Police K9 handler and was paired with military working dog Rex (E168).  Their first deployment was to Fallujah in 2005.  Their second was to Ramadi in 2006, where they were both wounded by an improvised explosive device.  She was awarded the Purple Heart and the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement medal with a “V” device which denotes heroism in combat.

This story is heartfelt and very well told.  There is so much more to Megan Leavey and I highly recommend you check it out, if you can find it.  It’s not in wide release so it may be a little hard to find but it’s well worth your time and money for a ticket.  If you don’t find it in the theater, rent it when it releases to DVD and Blu-Ray, estimated for September 2017.