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SON OF GOD (2014) – My rating: 6/10

SonOfGodWhile I am a staunch Christian, I didn’t like this version of the life of Jesus.  It didn’t flow, it was choppy and all over the place.  It seemed to highlight many significant events from the “New Testament” instead of telling a complete story.  I’m not sure why they made “Son of God”.  Mel Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ” is hard to follow.  There is also another older TV mini series (“Jesus of Nazareth”) that was excellent.  “Son of God” is a spin-off of the History Channel’s mini-series, “The Bible.”   In” Son of God” I found several differences between scripture and the movie.  When Jesus raised Lazarus from the grave, he never went into the cave.  Jesus simply shouted “Lazarus, come out!”  (John 11:43).  This really doesn’t change anything but movies like this teaches people who may not know what happened.  I also didn’t understand why Jesus (played by Diogo Morgado) was always smiling, even when He was angry.  That doesn’t lend itself to the reality of His feelings about what was going on.  There were a couple of other inconsistencies but again, insignificant.  I feel the filmmakers lacked respect for true scripture.  My biggest problem was how choppy the movie was and one problem I’ve always had, the Bible says Jesus’ skin is bronze and His hair white, like lamb’s wool (Rev 1:12).  Also in that part of the country, people were not white.  I’m not saying Jesus was Black but he certainly was not white with blue or light gray eyes.  There was nothing different, only lacking in “Son of God” and other than spreading the Gospel, which in this case was not completely accurate, I can’t recommend that anyone should see this movie.

RED 2 (2013) — My rating: 8/10

Red2Movies like this should always be viewed as fantasy.  If you do that, you’ll be able to appreciate it for the pure entertainment value.  Red 2 has everything from Marshall Arts to gun slinging, car chasing agents from the USA to China to the USSR.  May I dare say, it’s a love/hate relationship between all.  It seems a lot of today’s movies incorporate massive destruction i.e., Iron Man 3, Pacific Rim, Transformers along with the killing of not 1, not 2, but 100’s of agents and/or personnel.  Since Red 2 starred an older group of actors (Hollywood’s finest) you might expect the action would lean toward the slow side.  Not Red 2.  It was fast moving and basically fun, as well as funny and destruction was kept to a minimum.

I encountered an elderly couple walking to their car after the movie who told me Red 2 was in fact a bit too fast for them to fully process.  I could understand because of their age.  It got me to thinking, what will I be saying about movies in 20 years from now.  I’m used to fast and furious but will I be able to process it.  Will the mode change again or will I have to sit it out, due to old age?  What movies should I recommend to the elderly now?  Well for today, I really enjoyed Red 2.  Catherine Zeta-Jones is absolutely gorgeous and Helen Mirren’s body puts all to shame, old and young.  I recommend Red 2 for the under 80 crowd.  If you love Bruce Willis, John Malkovich and the legendary Anthony Hopkins,  take a chance and see it at any age.  Excellent sequel — I definitely missed Morgan Freeman.

SCANDAL – My rating: 10/10

ScandalWow, was I surprised by this fast moving series!  Shonda Rhimes has outdone herself.  When this show was first advertised, I thought it was going to be a flimsy, soap opera-ish story, much like Pan Am.  Instead, I was mesmerized from the very first episode.  The perfect actress for the perfect role.  Kerry Washington is showing a side of her talent I’d never seen before.  Her wit, personality, intelligence, beauty, charisma and more makes for a super character much needed in the world of political deceitfulness and cover-ups.

Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice are both really good shows but Scandal gets the edge.  As the creator of all three series, Shonda has proven to be an exceptional writer.  She is educating us while entertaining us simultaneously. Who knew the extent of political coverups or the masterful minds it requires to nicely cover a scandal?  I can hardly wait for the next episode just to see what controversy will be put to rest.

The cast is superb, the writing is excellent, and the situations each week are worthy of your time and indulgence.  Bring your brain power, you’ll need it, as the dialogue is fast moving.  Kudos to Shonda Rhimes.  Scandal currently airs on ABC TV.

GAME OF THRONES – My Rating: 10/10

GameOfThronesOne of the best shows on cable.  The buzz all around seems to be positive feedback.  I originally watched Game of Thrones “On Demand”.  I ended up staying up all night trying to get through all the episodes.  I was pleasantly surprised by how captivating this series was.

5 kings, 1 throne.  All is represented in this series of power hungry, wicket, good, bad, and down right evil men and women clawing and scratching their way to the ultimate goal of ruler of the kingdom.  These people will stop at nothing to get what they want.  This is the universe at it’s most wicket.  Yet, you can’t help but favor one to fill the position.   This series has action, mayhem, violence, surprises, happiness, sadness, devastation, love, mystery, horror, deception, humor, war and a truck load of sin!

If you like period pieces, an excellent story and plot, this is the series for you.  I found it better than Spartacus, The Borgias and Rome.  Obviously, I highly recommend Game of Thrones, it’s  winner!

BTW:  There is a pint size surprise that might be deemed at the on-set of this series, as unlikely to be of any real significance.  But I guarantee he will be your favorite character before it’s all over.  He is one of the biggest attributes to the show.  I won’t mention who he is although there’s a pint-size clue in this critique.  Happy Viewing!