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SCANDAL – My rating: 10/10

ScandalWow, was I surprised by this fast moving series!  Shonda Rhimes has outdone herself.  When this show was first advertised, I thought it was going to be a flimsy, soap opera-ish story, much like Pan Am.  Instead, I was mesmerized from the very first episode.  The perfect actress for the perfect role.  Kerry Washington is showing a side of her talent I’d never seen before.  Her wit, personality, intelligence, beauty, charisma and more makes for a super character much needed in the world of political deceitfulness and cover-ups.

Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice are both really good shows but Scandal gets the edge.  As the creator of all three series, Shonda has proven to be an exceptional writer.  She is educating us while entertaining us simultaneously. Who knew the extent of political coverups or the masterful minds it requires to nicely cover a scandal?  I can hardly wait for the next episode just to see what controversy will be put to rest.

The cast is superb, the writing is excellent, and the situations each week are worthy of your time and indulgence.  Bring your brain power, you’ll need it, as the dialogue is fast moving.  Kudos to Shonda Rhimes.  Scandal currently airs on ABC TV.