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GRIMM – My rating: 8.5/10

GrimmEvery week the Grimm (Nick Burkhardt), played by David Giuntoli  and his partner (Hank Griffin) played by Russell Hornsby,  go out on police cases involving Wesen and other strange looking demon like creatures.  Because these perfectly normal looking people can change back and forth from human to creature, no one knows that they are not completely human.  They can be seen in their unhuman form if they choose to be seen that way.  If they don’t, only the Grimm can see what they really look like.  The Grimm is not one of the creatures.  Legend says the Grimm only hunts and kills these creatures.  This series is quite complicated as the Grimm has many of these creatures as friends, including a very close Wieder Blutbad named Monroe, played by Silas Weir Mitchell and his fiance, a  Fachsbau named Rosalee Calvert, played by Bree Turner and his boss,  a Fluent Francophone named police captain Sean Renard, played by Sasha Roiz.  There are many twist and turns in this series.  These creatures are not all bad.  Some are quite good.  The stories are interesting, the acting is great and the concepts will keep you tuning in week after week.  As it turns out, this Grimm does not follow legend, he does not hunt and kill unless a gruesome crime has been committed by one of them and causes him to hunt and/or the reaction to a violent act causes him to kill.  No one knows about these creatures or the Grimm except a few choice folks.  This series is well written and keeps the production light hearted enough that no one is completely grossed out by these demonic looking creatures.  It’s a very good show.  Check it out.  The Grimm currently airs on NBC and is not suited for children under 15.