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ALL IS LOST (2013) – My rating: 8/10

AllisLostAfter watching All is Lost, I agree that this movie should have gotten some kind of an Oscar nod.  I believe Robert Redford only had 2 speaking occasions and is the only cast member in the movie.  All is Lost is about an older, experienced seaman who’s yacht collided with a shipping container at sea.  The entire film shows the desperation and experience necessary to survive a huge, gaping hole left by the container, a severe storm, shark infested waters and limited food and contaminated drinking water.  Unlike Tom Hanks in Cast Away, I found All is Lost interesting and intense.  I was not too happy with the ending but over all, I found the movie worthy.  Despite one cast member, no dialogue and a depressing subject, I think this movie was well done and I commend Robert Redford and J. C. Chandor (director) for a job well done.

[ALL IS LOST is nominated for Achievement in Sound Editing]