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DELIRIOUS (2006) – My rating: 8/10

DeliriousThis is the kind of off beat movie you don’t expect too much out of.  Surprise, it was great.  A paparazzi named Les played by the great Steve Buscemi, along with the rest of the paparazzi will do anything for a money shot.  A very handsome, homeless, wanna be actor named Toby, played by Michael Pitt, ends up working for Les in exchange for a spot on his couch to sleep.  They fast become good friends.  While trying to get a money shot of the ever popular K’Harma Leeds, played by Alison Lohman, Toby and K connect.  Toby must now decide where his loyalities lie.  As Toby and K start hanging out, they grow closer and closer.  K drops any other boyfriends and focuses solely on Toby.  As Toby gets discovered, he becomes sort after but always in love with K.  It’s interesting to see how this movie unfolds.  I still don’t like the ethics of the paparazzi any better but I really enjoyed this movie as it kept the element of surprise forever present throughout the movie.

INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS (2013) – My rating: 7/10

InsideLlewynDavisI can’t say I liked Inside Llewyn Davis.  I found it a little weird.  I understand the movie was about a young folk singer who had no where to live in 1961 and that he slept on anyone’s couch, and that he was unsuccessful at being discovered, and of course, he had little to no money but, because the film only spanned over 1 week of Llewyn’s (played by Oscar Isaac) life, I didn’t really get a since of consistency or relevance.  The cast was awesome but the story, for me, was not.  I’m not sure why this movie received high ratings (I looked it up in IMDB and found it received a rating of 7.8) and 2 Oscar nods.  Maybe I’m missing something.  I found it boring, discombobulated, slow and dreary.  I might add Justin Timberlake played Jim, another singer and friend to Llewyn.  John Goodman also starred in the film as another homeless person (Roland Turner).  The movie took place mostly in Greenwich Village in New York.  Apparently, Llewyn had a singing partner who committed suicide by throwing himself off the George Washington Bridge.  Like I said, this movie was all over the place.  It’s probably worth seeing if you’re into folk music and a bit of Greenwich Village history.  Other than that, I would skip this one.

[INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS is nominated for Achievement in Cinematography and Achievement in Sound Mixing]