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IDENITY THIEF (2013) — My rating: 7.5/10


IdentityThiefThis is a very funny movie.  I’m so glad Hollywood didn’t minimize stealing one’s ID.  Real life Identity Thief is serious business.  The sentencing here almost fits the crime. As usual, Melissa McCarthy did an outstanding job along with Jason Bateman   I can’t give Identity Thief a high rating because I had issues with the details.  I.e., if the credit card was maxed out, how was he able to rent a car or fly to California from Colorado.  Additionally, why wasn’t he a partner at his new firm sense he started the new firm with his friend and I wasn’t clear on the “revenge on his former boss” thing.  It seems that he would have been rearrested when it all came to light.  In the scheme of things, my issues are not that important but alas, they do exist which knocks off rating points for me.  I did really like this movie and recommend it — it’s definitely not a waste of your time.  You will LOL!

THE HEAT — My rating: 8/10

Melissa McCarthy has made a wholTheHeate bunch of movies.  I think The Heat is the funniest.  I deem McCarthy as the funniest female comedian of our times.  She made me laugh in Identity Thief and Bride Maids but she made my belly ache in The Heat.  Sandra Bullock, who holds her own as a comedic actress, really got a jolt as Melissa added even more spark and hilarious lines to the mix.  Comedies are ify at best.  You never know if the audience is going to take to the jokes or sit through it all like zombies waiting for the kill.  I find when too much is said about a really good movie, you tend to expect too much so I’ll stop here and say I highly recommend The Heat if you want to be thoroughly entertained and if you want to laugh out loud!