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PHILOMENA (2013) – My rating: 8/10

PhilomenaPhilomena is a nicely told story of a woman who’s son was taken from her in Ireland by nuns.  During her 50 year search for him, she realizes anything could have happened.  Judi Dench has done a beautiful job of portraying the saddened mother who didn’t give her son up without a fight.  Steve Coogan played the journalist who helped her embark on this profound journey to find her son.  The movie was interesting and held my attention, however I don’t think Philomena is exactly Best Picture material.  I do love Judi Dench and felt she did a convincing portrayal.  In comparison to the other 8 nominated movies, I don’t see a win for her.  I also could have seen August: Osage County or The Butler nominated for Best Picture in place of Philomena.  This is a “wait for the video” type of movie.