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CRADLE 2 THE GRAVE (2003) – My rating: 8/10

Action, Action, Action!
Cradle2theGraveThis movie was definitely action packed. There was some pretty fancy filming going on as several fights were paralleled at once. I enjoyed this movie because of the action. The plot was the typical family member held as a hostage until my demands are met and of course they never have any intention of returning your loved one. DMX is turning out to be a pretty good actor and I think his marshal art skills are as good as any I’ve seen — of course he’s no Jet Li but he holds his own.

Jet Li is his usual non-talkative self with an iron stone expression throughout the entire movie. His face is as stiff as his body but this works because it shows discipline. There were so many sub plots in this movie that it actually kept me interested. As in all these type flicks, I cannot believe people are being killed all over the place and no one reacts. One shoot-out like that would send our town in a tizzy and I live in NY.

Tom Arnold was funnier than he had been in the previous flick and Anthony Anderson was great in a role he seems to have perfected as his own. He’s in an awful lot of movies right now. I’d like to see Anthony break out of this stereo type and get into a more serious role.

The strangest thing in this movie has Eminem rapping the opening scenes — he dominated over DMX and Obie. It’s all good — I liked the movie and the music.