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THE GOOD WIFE – My rating 9/10

TheGoodWifeI don’t usually watch shows on CBS.  No particular reason, I just haven’t found interest there.  I decided to give them a good look and discovered not only is there plenty of interest, they have one of the best shows ever written, in my opinion.  The Good Wife looks at the legal world of lawyers, cops, corporations and the entire justice system from a perspective I’ve not seen.  I started watching The Good Wife On Demand.  There are 5 seasons consisting of 22 to 24 episodes each.   I am only on season 2, episode 12 and I watched those in 3 days time, that’s how much the series holds my interest.  I don’t know what’s going to happen in the coming episodes but I know I’m really looking forward to seeing them.  Alicia Florrick , played by Julianna Margulies, is an above average lawyer who after 15 years of being a housewife and mom, had to go back out into the field in order to survive her husband’s, philandering and corruption charges that landed him in jail.  Peter Florrick, played by Chris Noth, being the sole breadwinner, has incurred legal expenses and a high profile life style to be paid for by his wife.  There are many, many stars that make up this most interesting show.  I especially like the diversity shown throughout the episodes and the cases taken on by the firm Alysha works for.  I will add on to this review as I advance through the seasons to update the current situations and to see if my 9/10 rating still holds.  For now, I’m really liking The Good Wife!  Go CBS!

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK – My rating: 8/10

OrangeIsTheNewBlackOut of curiosity I started watching Orange is the New Black.  I was never quite sure why the star, Piper Chapman (played by Taylor Schilling) landed in jail in the first place but I forged on.  What I got from it all is a college grad, Piper, who is engaged to a great guy, (Larry Bloom played by Jason Biggs) who is also a college grad landed in jail over the transport of money made from selling weed.  It’s still fuzzy but I think her girlfriend was selling the weed and got caught and named Piper as an accomplice.  This may not be exactly how it went down but it’s close.  The two women were actually lovers before Piper found she preferred men.  The two of them ended up in the same institution but not as friends.  The goings on in a jail of all women with male officers reigning over them is quite interesting.  I’m not sure this is realistic but it looks right.  I just have a problem with how Piper ended up in this situation.  BTW: Her fiance (who’s father is the judge who presided over Piper’s trial) sticks by her 100% and awaits her sentence of 15 months to be over so they can start their new live together.  If you are entertained by harsh language, highly personal situations, sex and some mean spirited folks, you are a candidate for this series.  It’s not the best jail series I’ve ever seen but it does hold your interest and is, at best, entertaining.  You can only see this on Netflix.