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IF I STAY (2014) – My rating: 6/10

IfIStayI had reservations about “If I Stay” on many levels.  There’s a limit to how much control you have over living or dying when in a situation like “If I Stay”.  They made it look as though you have total control.  The victim, Mia Hall (Chloë Grace Moretz) of a car accident landed in a coma while her outer body walked around and gathered information regarding her family, friends, and boyfriend, Adam (Jamie Blackley) .  She was able to give profound thought into every aspect of her life.  While assessing her new situation, she decided what the outcome would be.  The saving grace for this movie is at the end, we got to see who was really in charge.

I found “If I Stay” a little slow and unrealistic.  It was nice that her story was told through her outer body but still unrealistic.  This is a particularly sad story that will leave you teary eyed and possibly depressed.  This is not a spoiler because I haven’t given away the punch line, at all!  Since “If I Stay” is on DVD, you might want to see it, if you’re okay with being melancholy due to a flick.  It wasn’t terrible but it was wasn’t great.  I was bored most of the time but kept watching because I wanted to see how this semi-quasi movie ended.  Overall, it was just okay.