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MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN (2016) – My rating: 8.5/10

MiraclesFromHeavenGet the Kleenex ready. Miracles from Heaven (MFH) will have you balling whether you want to or not. Brilliantly acted, “MFH”, based on a true story, is about a little 10 year old girl who gets sick with a mysterious disease no one seems able to properly diagnose. This faithful family of five seems to be doing everything right, so why are they targeted for this pain and suffering as though they were common street criminals? After seeing several doctors, their daughter, Anna Beam (Kylie Rogers) was finally diagnosed with a rare, fatal digestive disease. To make matters worse, the pain involved with this disease was so bad, 10 year old Anna said she would rather be dead than to live in this kind of pain. Determination and faith gave Christy Beam (Jennifer Gardner) the strength to go after the resources she needed to get the help she needed for her daughter’s survival. Christy traveled to Boston with Anna to see a specialist who had a reputation for curing the incurable but was impossible to get an appointment with.  There, they met and was befriended by Angela (Queen Latifah) who took them on a tour of Boston.  With no success, Christy gave up on her faith and began to journey into a darkness many of us find ourselves in when life doesn’t go our way.  Anger began to set in but Anna’s dad, Kevin Beam (Martin Henderson) stayed faithful.   After returning home from Boston, Anna was surly doomed to die when, on top of her tragic existence, she climbed an old cottonwood tree and fell headfirst into a three story hollow hole, that took the fire department more than 6 hours to strategically come up with a plan of rescue.  What happens next is a miracle but I will stop here.  Enough spoilers, see the movie for more.

Miracles from Heaven is an emotional faith based movie, based on a memoir written by Christy Beam about her 12 year old daughter, Anna.  I’m not sure why the script was changed to represent Anna as a 10 year old but in truth, she as 12.  The movie is well acted and whether you’re a believer or not, “MFH” has a profound message for all.  I for one, loved the movie and encourage everyone to see it.

DRAFT DAY (2014) – My rating: 8.5/10

DraftDayI am not a fan of football.  In fact, I think if should be outlawed along with boxing because of the debilitating injuries incurred by the players.  There’s a lot of documentation on the whole brain vs helmet study.  It is truly a serious problem within the sport.  Having said that, Draft Day made me want to go home and tune into a live football game.  Kevin Costner plays general manager Sonny Weaver for the Cleveland Browns.  Through the first half of the movie, we were clueless just like Sonny Weaver.  His thoughts were controversial on every level of draft choices.  You really didn’t have any  idea of what was going to happen or how the process worked.  However by the end of the movie, I could hardly stay in my seat.  The thrill and excitement of manipulating other organizations plus how deals were made was more than I could stand.  The outcome was totally unpredictable.  I loved it!  Just to see how it all comes full circle was sheer Heaven. I enjoyed Jennifer Gardner as the girlfriend of Sonny Weaver and all the folks who made up the supporting team.  Every sports team has it’s back office that makes all the decisions regarding trades, draft picks, salaries, contracts and offers.  It’s exciting to see an experienced wheeler dealer at work.  I was thoroughly entertained and highly recommend Draft Day whether you are into football or not.