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ENTOURAGE (2015) – My rating: 8.5/10

EntourageIf you were a fan of the HBO series, Entourage, then you will absolutely love this movie. If you were not a fan or never saw the series, you may still like Entourage but not as much. I was a huge fan of the series and I loved the movie. The liberties HBO took with the series was so remarkable and entertaining, I found myself each week wanting more. The sadist moment for me was when the series ended. The entourage is made up of 4 friends from Queens, NY who came to Los Angeles to make it on the movie scene. Actually, there is only one movie star on board, Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier), who is extremely good looking and charismatic. Also included is Vince’s half brother, Johnny “Drama” Chase (Kevin Dillon) who is also an actor but hardly a star and also likes to cook. Eric “E” Murphy (Kevin Connolly) is Vince’s best friend since childhood and his manager, who happens to be the most reliable and level headed of the group. Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) who started out as the driver, invested in a tequila business and is now a millionaire but still drives the group around as though he is still just getting started. Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) is Vincent’s aggressively, ruthless agent, while not a member of the original 4, is someone who rounds out the team called Entourage. Like the series, Entourage is full of sex, fun and games, highs and lows, egos, successes and failures, emotions, battles, love, money, flaring tempers, disappointments and deceptions. There were more than 45 cameos in this movie from Warren Buffett to Mike Tyson. There are lots of laughs, a gay wedding, a birth, a whole lot of sex and a whole lot of partying. Stars like Mark Wahlberg, Billy Bob Thornton and Rex Lee help to make this film fun and entertaining. The plot is about Vince starring in and directing a movie called Hyde, which is behind schedule and over budget. Still, Vince needs a little more money to finish the project. The fun begins when Ari has to convince the investors to give up the rest of the money needed to complete the film. So much is on the line and so many egos and positions are at risk. Let the Hollywood games begin. Very enjoyable, lots of laughs, lots of tight spots. Check it out!

THINK LIKE A MAN TOO (2014) – My rating: 7/10

ThinkLikeAManTooI was disappointed in Think Like A Man Too!  It was too slap stick for me.  Kevin Hart’s rantings really got on my nerves.  If he had toned his character down some, it would have been a different ballgame.  It seems like the director tried to steal a page from” Hang Over 3″ and “Last Vegas” with an over the top chain of funny events in “Sin City”.  Both movies were better than Think Like a Man Too.  There were some funny parts, but not funny enough to spend the price of a movie ticket to see it.  The plot was okay but the craziness that followed was just plain stupid.  What a waste of talent.  You would think with this star studded cast, you’d get a pretty good movie, NOT!  I even resented some of the insinuations because Think Like a Man Too crossed the line in ethic jokes.  I don’t like any race of people to be the brunt of  bad jokes or bad dialogue.

One of the couples from Think Like a Man Too is getting married.  Kevin Hart is (erroneously) the best man.  While he thinks he’s the best man for the job, he ends up being the worse.  5 couples make up the wedding party accompanied by an over bearing, control freak mom who doesn’t think the bride is good enough for her son.  The problems begin with each gender’s expectations of the bachelor and bachelorette parties, respectively.  Other problems include a reservation misunderstanding, the grooms mother and one couple’s dedication to their jobs.  If you can get through Kevin Hart’s rantings, you might enjoy the rest of the cast that includes: Michael Ealy (Dominic), Jerry Ferrara (Jeremy), Meagan Good (Mya), Regina Hall (Candace), Dennis Haysbert (Uncle Eddie), Taraji P. Henson (Lauren), Terrence Jenkins (Michael), Jenifer Lewis (Loretta), Romany Malco (Zeke), Gabrielle Union (Kristen), Kevin Hart (Cedric), Gary Owen (Bennett) and Caleel Harris (Duke).  My recommendation is wait for the DVD which releases on 9/16/14.