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BIOHACKERS (2020) – My rating: 8.5/10

Biohackers is a German techno-thriller, sci-fi, and drama television series created by Christian Ditter who also directed along with Tim Trachte [de]. The series premiered on Netflix, August 20, 2020. Biohackers is a fast-paced thriller following a medical student who discovers the use of highly advanced biohacking technology. This is my kind of story — loved it!

Mia Akerlund / Emma Engels (Luna Wedler), a young medical student at the University of Freiburg meets Jasper (Adrian Julius Tillmann) a talented biology student, and Niklas (Thomas Prenn) his roommate. Being interested in biohacking technology, Mia becomes involved in the world of illegal genetic experimentation while also trying to investigate the cause of her brother’s death. When she learns of breakthrough biohacking research results that have landed in the wrong hands, she has to decide whether to protect her friends or avenge her brother’s death.

Biohackers opens the first episode entitled Arrival with Mia and Niklas traveling together by train. Several passengers suddenly fall ill with what appears to be heart attacks. Since Mia is a medical student, she tries to give aid as the infected passengers fall into a coma, one by one.  The scene then changes to “two weeks earlier” at the University of Freiburg. Mia is moving into an apartment she will share with several other students; Lotta (Caro Cult), a very attractive young lady who likes to party; Ole (Sebastian Jakob  Doppelbauer), an adventurous, wacky guy who likes to DIY on himself; and Chen-Lu (Jing Xiang), a rapid-speaking young woman who is well versed in molecular biology.

Meanwhile, Mia hides scientific papers and newspaper clippings including a photo of Professor Tanja Lorenz (Jessica Schwarz), inside a speaker. Finally, Mia encounters the famous Professor Lorenz in a large introductory class for students in medicine. Professor Lorenz proclaims that synthetic biology, the future of medicine, “turns us from creatures to creators”. Mia has a flashback to her childhood with her twin brother being rushed into an emergency room; on the PA system, she hears, “Dr. Lorenz to the ER please”. After class, Mia pursues Jasper, Lorenz’s assistant and he shows Mia his personal lab in an isolated hut in the woods. He then sends Mia forms to apply as a clinical assistant to Professor Lorenz. The episode ends with a flash-forward to the train where a medic in a hazmat suit enters in the aftermath of the incident that opened the episode. The medic asks Mia her name, and she replies: “My name is Emma”.

So the dye is cast and one of two seasons begins.  Professor Lorenz plays the biggest role in Biohackers as she is Mia’s focus because of her work in synthetic biology and Mia’s past.  I found Biohackers to be exciting, mysterious. and a good drama.  There are six episodes in both seasons one and two, currently streaming on Netflix.  I understand there will be a third season upcoming. While Biohackers is a German production, Netflix has made an effort to make its foreign shows less “dubby” — I think there’s still room for improvement but is more than acceptable.  The plot has many twists and turns as well as a stable storyline.  I enjoyed Biohackers and I think it’s one of the better series streaming on Netflix.  The Rotten Tomatoes website rated Biohackers 100% on their Tomatometer and 79% audience Score for season one.  Because of Covid, critics’ delays are scarce, I can’t wait till we’re back in full swing.  I think if you’re a sci-fi fan, you will truly enjoy Biohackers.  Check It Out!