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GET ON UP (2014) – My rating: 9/10

GetOnUpHere lies another great, Oscar worthy, performance of an icon (James Brown) played by Chadwick Boseman.  What a fantastic portrayal of the God Father of Soul, James Brown).  What a story!  There’s so much about James Brown that I didn’t know.  He was a very complex individual.  This movie digs deep into the life of James Brown from a very poor little boy in Georgia to his rise to fame, to his death.  Chadwick Boseman worked extremely hard on this movie, as he had most of the screen time.  At times it seemed as though James had come back to life.  The voice and moves were superb.  I was surprise to see True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette Reynolds) in another major role as James’ right hand man, and original lead singer of the Famous Flames, Bobby Byrd.  The great Jill Scott played James’ wife, Dee Dee Brown, Viola Davis played his mother, Susie Brown and Dan Aykroyd played James’ manager, Ben Bart.  This movie was enlightening on so many levels.  I find myself thinking about the scenes from the deep southern roots of Augusta, Georgia, even though the movie was shot mostly in Mississippi.  There is not too much more I can offer about this movie without giving away major spoilers, so I’ll end with all and all, Get on Up is a  “Must See”, movie, especially if you were a fan of James Brown.  It’s worth your time and the price of a movie ticket.

BAGGAGE CLAIM (2014) – My rating: 7/10

BaggageClaimBaggage Claim is an average girly flick about the oldest daughter, out of 3 sisters, who is still not married or engaged.  Paula Patton plays Montana, the daughter of an annoying mother, played by Jenifer Lewis.  Hunks like Taye Diggs, Djimon Hounsou, Boris Kodjoe and Tyler Lepley ended up in hot pursuit of Montana but none were worthy.  Montana wanted to please her mother by getting married and providing her with grandchildren but just wasn’t feeling any of her suitors.  Montana’s best friend, played by Derek Luke, lives in the same apartment building with his fiancé and is always lending her a shoulder to cry on.  Montana is a flight attendant whose co workers/friends are Jill Scott who plays Gail and Adam Brody who plays Sam.  Together, they pull out all the stops to help Montana find someone, within 30 days, to take to her sister’s rehearsal dinner. At this point, she would do anything to get her family off her back about getting married.  The pressure is on since her sister’s marriage will leave Montana as the only woman in the family not to have taken the plunge.  Baggage Claim is a cute film that holds a cute message.  Worth seeing on DVD.