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ELYSIUM (2013) – My rating: 6.5/10

Elysium ***THERE ARE SOME SPOILERS***     In the real world, I hope our thinking never comes to the making of an Elysium.  Wealthy snobs vs everyone else.  Elysium is a man made space station where only the rich are allowed to live.  Mark (played by Matt Damon) is the only hope to achieving an equable life for all.  I wasn’t particularly fond of the ending and I felt a disconnect between Damon’s character and the audience.  I wanted the story to show more insight into the new future.  I don’t think Matt Damon fits the super hero profile for his character.  He seemed uncomfortable in this role which made me feel uncomfortable watching him.  He’s gotten a little wide and shots of him from behind gave off an elderly appearance.  His acting was very good, as usual but he seemed out of sorts and I also felt we were left hanging at the end which was designed to turn  him into a martyr as mankind was restored.

Jodie Foster was wicked as the Secretary of Defense.  But not even the great Jodie Foster could save this movie for me.  She plays a mean villain who would do anything to save Elysium.  Killing the young or old was done with ease and her character had a strong dislike for those beneath her.

I didn’t really like Elysium because it didn’t make me feel good and I wasn’t necessarily entertained.  None the less, it’s an interesting concept however,  I should have waited for DVD.