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SEARCHING (2018) – My rating: 7.5/10

Searching is a thriller directed by Aneesh Chaganty and written by Chaganty and Sev Ohanian.  A father tries to find his missing 16-year-old daughter.   Searching is described by the media as being the first mainstream Hollywood thriller headlined by an Asian-American actor.  It seems race relations ARE getting a little better!


Searching opens in San Jose, California with David Kim (John Cho) looking through old videos of his daughter, Margot Kim (Michelle La) and his late wife, Pamela Nam Kim (Sara Sohn).  After Pamela died from cancer and Margot grew older, their relationship began to drift apart. One night, while David was asleep, Margot who had gone to a study group called him three times. David didn’t discover the missed calls until the next morning. He tries to return her calls, but she doesn’t answer, so he assumes she is attending a scheduled piano lesson. After a time,  David calls her piano instructor who reveals that Margot canceled her piano lessons six months ago. David discovers that Margot put the money he gave her for the lessons into her bank account and transferred $2500 to a now deleted Venmo account.  David decides to report her as missing.

The case is assigned to San Jose PD Detective Rosemary Vick (Debra Messing), who asks David to give her more information about Margot. David contacts all of Margot’s friends after successfully logging onto her Facebook account and finds that she has no close friends. After Vick finds out that Margot made a fake ID for herself, she suggests to David that his daughter may have simply stolen his money and run away.

Searching becomes pretty intense with a surprise ending you won’t see coming.  The cast is consist pretty much of David, Pamala, Margot and Vick who all do a brilliant job of portraying their characters.  This film uses the technology of smartphones and computers (mainly Facebook) for a large part of the story.  The only criticism I have for Searching is the questionable decision made by Margot regarding the reason she quit piano lessons and the intended use for the  $2500 she saved up.   Other characters like  fish n chips/Robert Vick (Steven Michael Eich), Detective Vick’s son,  Peter Kim (Joseph Lee), David’s brother and Randy Cartoff  (Ric Sarabia), an x-con, helped intensify the plot and make up the rest of the cast.  I highly recommend Searching, it’s a good one, check it out!


STAR TREK BEYOND (2016) – My rating: 9/10

StarTrekBeyondFinding new adventures for the Star Trek series can’t be easy after so many years of TV episodes and the many versions produced on the big screen. Star Trek Beyond is the 13th sequel of the Star Trek franchise and the 3rd reboot.  I’m amazed how well these stories are written. Aside from the fact that I’m a big Star Trek fan, I believe these stories have a lot to offer everyone. This time around, a deceitful survivor and Krall’s henchwoman, Kalara / Jessica Wolff  (Lydia Wilson) lures the USS Enterprise into an ambush as Captain James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) and crew respond to a distress signal to rescue her ship stranded on Altamid, a planet within the nebula.  Upon entering Altamid, The Enterprise is attacked and torn apart.  An alien commander called Krall, (Idris Elba) and his crew board the Enterprise searching for an Abronath that Kirk obtained on an older mission many years ago.  Unable to find the Abronath, Krall captures many of the Enterprise crew.  Still, as the ship continues to break apart, the saucer section hurtles towards the planet Altamid.  The remaining survivors abandon the ship in escape pods.

At this point, most of the Enterprise crew is captured by Krall and in his possession, the rest is either scattered around the planet hurt, dead or just stranded without resources. Without giving away too much, I will reveal a wounded Commander Spock, (Zachary Quinto) first officer and science officer and Lieutenant Commander Leonard McCoy M.D., (Karl Urban) end up together searching for other survivors.  Also a new character, Jaylah (Sofia Boutella) is introduced, she is an alien scavenger who previously escaped Krall’s encampment. She lives in her own makeshift home, the grounded USS Franklin, an early Starfleet vessel that went missing over a hundred years ago. Meanwhile, we learn that the Abronath is the missing half of an ancient bioweapon, created by the planet’s original inhabitants, that can instantaneously disintegrate a humanoid. Krall is ruthless and has a plan to match.

There’s no doubt that Star Trek Beyond is a great movie, well acted with an excellent story and fantastic special effects.  So to get answers to the following questions, you have to go see the movie or look it up on line!

** Some Mild Spoilers Below**

Spock – 1) Will Spock and Uhura get back together?  2) Will Spock leave Starfleet and return to New Vulcan to work in his father’s foot steps?  3) Does it make since to leave his relationship with Uhura since Spock is half human and cannot make 100% Vulcan babies anyway?

Spock learns from New Vulcan that Ambassador Spock has passed away.  Spock and Lieutenant Nyota Uhura (Zoe Saldana) communications officer, amicably end their relationship.  Spock also confesses that the only reason he broke up with Uhura, is because of the shortage of Vulcans. He wants to do his part to repopulate.   Captain Kirk recommends Spock as the future new captain of the Enterprise.

Captain Kirk and Yorktown – 1) Will Captain Kirk Leave StarFleet?  2) What is Yorktown?

Captain James Kirk has applied for a promotion to Vice Admiral and commanding officer of Yorktown.

Starbase Yorktown is a massive space station for resupply and shore leave for her tired crew.

Krall -1) Who is Krall?  2) What is Krall’s plan?

Krall was Captain Balthazar Edison, former commander of USS Franklin who became a powerful mutated alien creature under the alias of Krall.

Krall plans to destroy the Federation starting with Yorktown.

Jaylah: Does Jaylah join Star Fleet?

In Loving Memory:NimoyAndYelchin

The film pays tribute to Leonard Nimoy who died a year before it’s release.

Star Trek Beyond marked one of the final film performances of Anton Yelchin who died in a car-related incident on June 19, 2016, a month before release.

Other Crew Members of Star Trek:
(Simon Pegg) as Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott, second officer and chief engineer
(John Cho) as Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu, third officer and helmsman
(Anton Yelchin) as Ensign Pavel Chekov, the ship’s main navigator. This is the final Chekov performance from Yelchin, as he died on June 19, 2016.