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SEVENTH SON (2014) – My rating: 6.5/10

SeventhSonIt looks like the fillers have begun.  Seventh Son is a pretty good story with lots of action but it’s equates to just more of the same.  I will admit, I like the way this film’s story was told better than some of the other season fillers but the fact remains, it is what it is.  I keep wondering what the near future will hold for the movie industry.  What hasn’t Hollywood filmed about.  What’s new on the horizon?  There are always biographies, true life events, super heroes and fantasies/sci fiction but how will the story change?  They’ve already run out of new looks for aliens and new horror situations.  They brought back most of the action heroes so much that they’re bordering on silly.  The period pieces are becoming stale, making my point about Seventh Son.

Some of the characters that make up this film are the evil queen, Mother Malkin (Julianne Moore), Master Gregory aka, The Spook (Jeff Bridges) and the Spook Apprentices (Kit Harington who plays Mr. Bradley and Ben Barnes who plays Tom Ward) amounting to good vs evil.  Speaking of evil, the ever popular Djimon Hounsou plays Radu, one of the evil queen’s followers. Good wins, thank God, but not until many are dead and much is destroyed.  BTW:  a Spook, in this film, is a demon or evil spirit hunter and a filler is a so so movie, not meant to be an epic block buster, just something to do until something better comes along.  Sometimes a filler gets away and becomes a block buster, but you don’t have to worry about Seventh Son, it’s a filler for sure.  With veteran actors like Moore and Bridges, how bad could it be, plus we were honored with the familiar face of Kit Harington who play Jon Snow,  from Game of Thrones.  You won’t want your money back or consider walking out on it since it’s actually entertaining.  It’s also shown in 3D for those who want to spent some extra money — Personally, I think you should skip the 3D.  Over all, Seventh Son is an okay movie with nothing new to offer.

POMPEII (2014) – My rating 6.5/10

PompeiiThis was a romantic love story set in Pompeii.  It’s a story most know well.  Like Titanic, a romantic twist make the story more likable and more interesting.  However, it seems no matter how hard Hollywood tries, they cannot produce another Titanic.  Pompeii tells it’s own story about the love of a former slave turned gladiator and a woman of royalty named Cassia (Emily Browning).  The gladiator (Milo) is played by none other than the gorgeous Kit Harington,  who plays John Snow on The Game of Thrones.  Keeping true to form, Milo is a bad ass gladiator who is undefeated.  Like the movie, Gladiators with Russell Crow and Djimon Hounsou , Milo meets another gladiator named Atticus (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) who, in the end, is pitted against him for the kill.  Together they must find a way around this or be killed.  One is facing freedom and the other is facing true love, both facing a volcano.  It’s interesting to see what kind of decisions they make regarding their friendship and future.  In the meanwhile, Mount Vesuvius  is rumbling and threatening everyone’s future.  A slight problem with Cassia is the senator named Corvus (Kiefer Sutherland) who is hell bent on marrying her.  She does not love or like him.  It’s a nice story but sad.  It’s on DVD and is worth your time to watch it.