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THE GOOD WIFE – My rating 9/10

TheGoodWifeI don’t usually watch shows on CBS.  No particular reason, I just haven’t found interest there.  I decided to give them a good look and discovered not only is there plenty of interest, they have one of the best shows ever written, in my opinion.  The Good Wife looks at the legal world of lawyers, cops, corporations and the entire justice system from a perspective I’ve not seen.  I started watching The Good Wife On Demand.  There are 5 seasons consisting of 22 to 24 episodes each.   I am only on season 2, episode 12 and I watched those in 3 days time, that’s how much the series holds my interest.  I don’t know what’s going to happen in the coming episodes but I know I’m really looking forward to seeing them.  Alicia Florrick , played by Julianna Margulies, is an above average lawyer who after 15 years of being a housewife and mom, had to go back out into the field in order to survive her husband’s, philandering and corruption charges that landed him in jail.  Peter Florrick, played by Chris Noth, being the sole breadwinner, has incurred legal expenses and a high profile life style to be paid for by his wife.  There are many, many stars that make up this most interesting show.  I especially like the diversity shown throughout the episodes and the cases taken on by the firm Alysha works for.  I will add on to this review as I advance through the seasons to update the current situations and to see if my 9/10 rating still holds.  For now, I’m really liking The Good Wife!  Go CBS!

SUITS – My Rating: 10/10

SuitsSurprisingly, there are now many excellent shows for your viewing pleasure on the USA network.  Out of about a dozen series, Suits is my favorite.  It’s fast moving, slick and very clever.  It’s overall theme is about Mike Ross, a brilliant kid who never attended Harvard but has been hired as a lawyer in a firm of all Harvard graduates.  The star of Suits, Harvey Spector, played by Gabriel Macht, is so impressed by this kid’s intelligence and ability to memorize anything he reads, hires him anyway but has to keep the whole Harvard thing a secret from his boss, Jessica, played by Gina Torres.

To liven things up, the character of Lewis Litt, played by Rick Hoffman, is a brilliant lawyer with characteristics that makes for some awesome viewing.  I look forward to his appearance each week as he introduces his arsenal of brilliant shenanigans.

From Harvey to Jessica to Harvey’s assistant/secretary Donna Paulsen, you’re in for some fantastic dialogue and situations.  Mike, who didn’t take the bar, proves himself to be quite worthy of the position but is paranoid about his secret getting out.  Lewis, who was skipped over for junior partner, will do anything to rule.  Harvey, the genius who hired Mike is self centered but honest.  Jessica Pearson, a brilliant black woman who runs the whole firm is cunning, conniving and smart.  Did I mention she’s also quite stunning?

Suits is refreshing and a very smartly told story about clawing your way to the top, then staying there.  I haven’t seen a show about lawyers, done this well since Boston Legal.  Suits is fun to watch and is a pick-me-up when I need one.