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RAISING DION (2021-2022) – My rating: 8/10

Raising Dion is a superhero drama television series. It was created for television by Carol Barbee and based on the 2015 comic book and a short film of the same name by Dennis Liu. So far, there are two seasons streaming on Netflix. I was referred to this series by my daughter.  It took a couple of tries to get into it but once I did, Wow, what a great series.

Raising Dion follows the story of a woman named Nicole Warren (Alisha Wainwright) who raises her son Dion Warren (Ja’Siah Young) after the death of her husband Mark Warren (Michael B. Jordan). The normal dramas of raising a son as a single mom are amplified when Dion starts to manifest several magical, superhero-like abilities. Nicole must now keep her son’s gifts secret with the help of Mark’s best friend Pat Rollins (Jason Ritter), and protect Dion from people out to exploit him while figuring out the origin of his abilities.

Raising Dion features a host of characters that help make this an exciting, interesting, and enjoyable superhero series.  The special effects are outstanding and the story is believable.  Mark and Pat, who are scientists and best friends, work for the BIONA company. They travel to Iceland to see a rare aurora event.  Mark is outside while Pat stays inside monitoring the events of lights.  When something goes wrong, everyone there is hit by radiated sparks, which turned some of them into unexplainable creatures.  Pat gets caught up when he goes outside to investigate.  No one knows they have been affected right away.  Mark gets married, impregnates Nicole and she gives birth to Dion, who she noticed had superpowers by the age of 10.  Mark is killed by something called the crooked man, and Nicole is left as a single mom.  Dion befriends Esperanza Jimenez (Sammi Haney), who is wheelchair-bound with osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease), and Jonathan King (Gavin Munn) an erstwhile bully, forming their own private vigilante team. The review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes reported an 83% approval rating for the series, based on 29 reviews, with an average rating of 6.8/10. The website’s critic’s consensus reads, “While its family drama and superhero aspirations don’t quite come together, compelling performances and a sense of wonder keep Raising Dion afloat and suggest that with a little more guidance it could become something great”. The second season was watched for over 108.75 million hours in its first 26 days on the platform according to Netflix’s top 10s. Check It Out!