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RULES DON’T APPLY (2016) – My rating: 8.5/10

rulesdontapplyRules Don’t apply is basically a semi-quasi romantic comedy and story of a later time in the life of Howard Hughes, brilliantly played, produced and directed by Warren Beatty. If you think Warren Beatty is old and done, you’re only half right. He may be old but he’s not done. I absolutely loved the story (which takes place between 1958 and 1964) and the way it was presented on screen. An inspiring young actress, song writer and singer named Marla Mabrey (Lily Collins) and her mother, Lucy Mabrey (Annette Bening) comes to Hollywood for a screen test that would make Marla a star. Marla is currently under contract with RKO, receiving $400 a week and living in a home paid for by Hughes and his associates. Marla and her mother, Lucy is also assigned a driver, Frank Forbes (Alden Ehrenreich) who takes them anywhere they want to go. Levar Mathis (Matthew Broderick), who also works for Howard take turns driving Marla and Lucy as well as preforms other task for Hughes, including reminding Frank that any one working for Hughes cannot have a relationship with any contract actress signed to the studio.  As Marla and her mother await results of the screen test, it becomes clear that the movie is never going to happen and all has been a waste of time.  Upset, Lucy suggests the two move back to Virginia since no progress is being made.  However,  Marla decides to stay behind.

In the meanwhile Frank and Hughes develop a relationship while Hughes begins to descend into odd behavior.  Later, Noah Dietrich (Martin Sheen) informs Hughes that he should see a doctor as he is forgetting and saying bizarre things. Hughes fires Noah and replaces him with Frank.  Hughes asks to travel the world alongside Frank and Levar. They head to London, where Hughes flies his plane opposite a Colonel (Steve Coogan), but Hughes does bizarre things in the air, scaring the Colonel and Frank. They then travel to Nicaragua, where the president (Julio Oscar Mechoso) informs Hughes he is being sued by the U.S. government for $645 million. They then fly back to America, where Hughes discovers he would have to sell his father’s company in order to pay for the debt.

The movie then cuts back to 1964, where Frank, Levar, and Nadine Henley,(Candice Bergen) who is a long term friend and employee, sit in Acapaluco, Mexico, waiting for Hughes to make a call to the press, revolving around a novel written by Richard Miskin (Paul Schneider), who claims Hughes has no memory of anything that has happened in the last five years.

Excellent movie, entertaining and funny.  I thought Rules Don’t Apply was worth my time and cost of the ticket to see.  The cast was stellar and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Check it out.  There are many twist and turns to this story and one big surprise at the end. A nice change of pace.