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THE WALK (2015) – My rating: 8.5/10

TheWalkI kept wondering what kind of content could go into a movie about a walk between two buildings on a rope.  I realize it’s was between the tallest buildings in the world, however the movie was over two hours long.  I had no idea the preparation that went into an endeavor, a dream, an impossible, not to mention illegal feat, such as this.  The Walk captures your attention and engages your curiosity with the intensity of “The Donald” taking a midnight run alone through Spanish Harlem.  Joseph Gorden-Levitt plays Philippe Petit the actual French Tightrope Walker who made history when he walked between the World Trade Towers in 1974.  Philippe was much more than a tightrope walker, he was also a juggler, a magician and a street entertainer.  The Walk is a true story directed by Robert Zemeckis and in my opinion is sure to achieved an Oscar nod for his fabulous direction of this film.

The Walk opens with Philippe Narrating from atop the Statue of Liberty torch, overlooking the World Trade Towers.  Next Philippe is shown in Paris, France performing on a unicycle as the onlookers throw all sorts of delights to show their appreciation of his talents.  As he collects money and bites down on a hard piece of candy, he breaks a filling in his tooth causing great pain and a trip to the dentist.  There he discovers a picture of the World Trade Center, still under construction.  This is where his dream of wire walking between the Twin Towers is born.  He then meets “Papa Rudy” Omankowsky (Ben Kingsley) a Tightrope Walker who preforms at his own circus. Philippe convinces Papa Rudy to teach him some of his trade secrets and shares his future plans.  As the story moves on and the journey begins, Philippe meets many new characters who become accomplices and friends.  The film, of course moves from France to New York where the excitement mounts.  The actual walk between the towers takes your breath away.  This movie is an experience I’m glad I didn’t miss.  I highly recommend you take the time to check out The Walk.  It’s entertaining and well done.

VERONICA MARS (2014) – My rating: 7/10

VeronicaMarsI’ll admit Kristen Bell is cute and as my grandson says, hot.  However, in my opinion, the movie Veronica Mars isn’t very cute or hot.  In this updated, modern day, version of Veronica Mars, a teen age semi-quasi private eye goes to college and earns her degree followed by law school where she passes with above average grades. After seeking a job as a lawyer, she is accepted by a prominant law firm in New York but she turns it all down for a private eye and CEO position along side her dad at their own detective agency called Mars.  Did I mention, she also gives up her gorgeous fiance (Chris Lowell), who is also a lawyer, in favor of her old high school flame, now a Lieutenant in the United States Navy?  So, Veronica travels back to her small hometown of Neptune, where she tries to solve a “who done it” murder case for which her old flame was accused and arrested.   Although Veronica strives to get the private eye bug out of her system, she just couldn’t,  no matter how hard she tried.  You could say the moral of this story is “once a dick, always a dick”.  Glad I waited for the DVD.  Not a waste of time but low on the entertainment grid.

ONCE UPON A TIME – My rating: 8.5/10

OnceUponATimeYou can do anything with a little imagination.  Already well established fairy tales and other children’s stories are embellished to make this, not so childish series, appealing to old and young alike.  Since the beginning of Once Upon a Time, Snow White, Cinderella, Peter Pan, Rumpelstiltskin, Pinocchio, Jimmy the Cricket, Jack and the Bean Stalk, Little Red Riding Hood, Robin Hood and his Merry Band of Men, The wizard of Oz, Hansel and Gretel and many more were all explored before taking on a life of its own.  Recurring characters like Snow White/Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) , Red Riding Hood/Ruby (Meghan Ory ), Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle), Captain Hook/Hook (Colin O’Donoghue ), Prince Charming/David Nolan (Josh Dallas), Emma Swan/the savior (Jennifer Morrison), Henry (Jared Gilmore), The Evil Queen/Regina (Lana Parillia) and others are interwoven into a complex story of good vs evil in an unknown and unseen town called Storybrook.  This series is in it’s 3rd season and still going strong.  There are 3 worlds in this story: the present (New York), The past (the enchanted forest) and Storybrook, a place where there was no magic.  All that has changed as well as the story and the characters.

Once Upon A Time is quite interesting and has continued to wow it’s audience.  Emma and Neil had a son he didn’t know about when she was very young.  Having no sound means to raise a child, she gave him up for adoption.  Enters Regina who adopts and raises the child, known as Henry.  Henry discovers a book of fairy tales given to him by his teacher, Mary Margaret who is really Snow White as well as Henry’s grandmother.  Henry suspects they are all characters from his book, with no memory of their true past, so he sets out to find “the savior” who is also his biological mom, Emma who lives in New York.

Confused? Catch this exciting series in full on Netflix.  Once Upon A Time airs on ABC.

BLUE JASMINE (2013) – My rating: 8/10



Cate Blanchett has given a riveting performance of a woman who is on the border of insanity.  Blue Jasmine sends a few profound messages.  One being honesty, which lends itself to reality that can set you free of your demons, if you can deal with the truth.  The character Jasmine is about as unstable as a stack of multi-sized blocks stacked 3 feet high.   After living the life of the rich and semi-quasi famous in New York, Jasmine finds herself living with her lower middle class, adopted sister (played by Sally Hawkins) in San Francisco.  Things get pretty crazy as Jasmine tries to make sense of her life and get back on her feet.  Alec Baldwin also gives a worthy performance as Jasmine’s  crooked husband while Andrew Dice Clay plays her sister’s ex-husband.  Over all,  Woody Allen has directed  another fine film.   Cate Blanchett turned in a performance that is every bit worthy of an Oscar.

[BLUE JASMINE is nominated for Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress and Original Screenplay]