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ALMOST HUMAN – My rating: 8/10

AlmostHumanWhile Almost Human isn’t a totally new concept, it’s different because the android is different.  It’s not a structured,  stiff facsimile of a human being that talks in a choppy pattern alerting you to the fact that this is a robot/android, not a human.  Instead this robot, who’s model was discarded, is more like a real live human being with all the intelligence  of a computer.  This series takes place in the year 2048 when crime is so out of control, police officers have to partner with an android to solve crimes as well as survive the criminal element.    Almost Human  revolves around  Detective John Kennex play by Carl Urban and Dorian (his android partner) played by Michael Ealy.  Their partnership closely resembles a regular pair of officers on the job and the everyday issues that confront them but with a twist.  I’ve been enjoying the series and find the stories interesting.  Given the technology used for this futuristic era, I think you’ll find Almost Human refreshing and well told.

2 GUNS (2013) – My Rating: 7.5/10

You can’t trust anyone these days!

2GunsWashington who plays a DEA agent and Wahlberg (who plays a naval intelligence officer) adds up to a lot of viewing fun.  Although a dangerous endeavor (fighting crime), the director, Baltasar Kormakur managed to give us a lighthearted rendition of the novel it’s based on (The Boom).   Here’s the thing, Hollywood has a way of painting a picture for the pure entertainment of the viewing audience.  Everything falls nicely into place.  2 Guns has many bad guys who are not on one team.  You have a cartel (bad), the CIA (bad) and the Navy Intelligence (bad) vs. Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg (good).  This movie should be viewed as a fantasy because I can’t imagine events could go down this way and I’m sure, from a security stand point, it can’t.  However, I left this movie felling relaxed and happy and truly wanted to see more.  That’s what a movie like this is suppose to do, entertain and bring out happy endorphins.

Both actors did a very good job bringing a joyous film to life and you guessed it, I really like it and I recommend 2 Guns if you want to brighten your day.