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AMOUR (2012) – My rating: 8.5/10

AmourWhat a story.  Amour dealt with a problem we will all experience if we continue to live.  So in love and compatible were these two people.  Old age problems struck and the rest was Amour telling the story of two elderly people who depended on each other for survival.  This is a story I can relate to since my parents were in a similar situation.  I think these actors deserve kudos for their performances and the director, Michael Haneke did a brilliant job bringing a much needed issue to the audience’s attention.  There is a twist to the story that really deserves deep thought.  I found the movie a little slow at times but overall, it was well done!  Amour is nominated for Best Picture, Best Foreign Language Film, Best Actress, Best Director and Best Writing (Original Screenplay).

[Amour won an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film!]