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RIDING IN CARS WITH BOYS (2001) – My rating: 10/10

This Movie is Way Better than it’s Title!
RidingInCarsWithBoysThis is not just another cute movie. Drew Barrymore has done the acting job of a lifetime in this not-so-funny story. It starts out like any other teenage flick but turns serious when life becomes more serious. Drew is faced with being a teenage mother with a dream.

Since she has no clue about how to raise a child, she is left to do the best she can. I particularly like the way the movie takes you to the end result of all of her efforts, a place many of us should explore long before we get there. Actor James Woods was excellent as the father who tries to keep it all together but is part of the problem. Despite what critics say, this movie is worth seeing — there is a lesson to be learned and it’s conveyed very well. 3 cheers for Drew Barrymore as Beverly and Penny Marshall who directed this “based on a true story.”