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SECRET WINDOW (2004) – My rating: 9/10

Been There, Done That, NOT!!
SecretWindowAt last, an unpredictable movie. Every week I go to the movies and every week I guess the ending 20 minutes into the movie. Johnny Depp, as usual, was awesome. His unique movements are prevalent in this movie as was in “The Pirates of the Caribbean”. In no time, I got past who was acting and became lost in the mystery and intensiveness of the story. I admit I am a hopeless Johnny Depp fan and while I’m not a fan of Stephen King, good is good and Johnny is good. He gave his character all the depth, wit and charisma it deserved. Turturro was also excellent as the cheated author of a book he claimed Johnny took credit for.

Like it or not, Johnny Depp is a major actor with a unique style and is showing us how he portrays characters from all walks of life. I haven’t yet figured out why this movie is called “Secret Window” as I would have called it “Shooter”.

I enjoyed the movie, the acting and the plot — I highly recommend it as a nice change from the same old story lines we’ve become so comfortable with.