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MADAM SECRETARY – My rating: 9/10

!!!!!MadamSecretary1Nicely done!  Stories are taken right out of the headlines and massaged Hollywood style, that often offer explanations and clears up current events or serves to entertain while showing us how the political system works.  Téa Leoni plays Elizabeth McCord (Madam Secretary).   Tim Daly plays Elizabeth’s husband, Henry McCord and Keith Carridine plays President Conrad Dalton.  Elizabeth and the President have a past working relationship as well as a friendship.  She was also a professor at a prestigious University when she was asked to serve as Secretary of State “SOS” which meant she would have to up route her family ( a husband and 3 kids) to Washington DC.  So far the subject matter of most episodes have been interesting and somewhat familiar.  I think Madam Secretary is more than a TV series, as it serves to inform us of the many sacrifices made to preserve the integrity, peace and reputation of the United States of America.  It’s very serious business, running a country.  The acting is superb and the cast of characters are believable.

The second episode dealt with a US Ambassador in Yemen (Paul Wellington, played by Tim Guinee) which paralleled our US Ambassador in Benghazi (Cristopher Stevens) who we know was killed a couple of years ago in a rebellion/riot about an anti-Muslim video.  However, in this episode, the ambassador survived, which is what I suspect were the profound wishes for the outcome of the attack in Benghazi.  Hillary Clinton, who was the “SOS” at that time, was called up by the senate to explain why better and timely protection was not provided.  She and the President were put under the microscope for answers.  In both cases the ambassador’s wife and children made it back to the US safely.  Madam Secretary airs on CBS and is time well spent.