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ALMOST HUMAN – My rating: 8/10

AlmostHumanWhile Almost Human isn’t a totally new concept, it’s different because the android is different.  It’s not a structured,  stiff facsimile of a human being that talks in a choppy pattern alerting you to the fact that this is a robot/android, not a human.  Instead this robot, who’s model was discarded, is more like a real live human being with all the intelligence  of a computer.  This series takes place in the year 2048 when crime is so out of control, police officers have to partner with an android to solve crimes as well as survive the criminal element.    Almost Human  revolves around  Detective John Kennex play by Carl Urban and Dorian (his android partner) played by Michael Ealy.  Their partnership closely resembles a regular pair of officers on the job and the everyday issues that confront them but with a twist.  I’ve been enjoying the series and find the stories interesting.  Given the technology used for this futuristic era, I think you’ll find Almost Human refreshing and well told.

PACIFIC RIM (2013) — My rating: 7/10

PacificRimI expected great things because Idris Elba is starring in this movie and Guillermo del Toro directed it.  It’s very futuristic with a decent story line on the human side.  However, the machine plot got a little complex when they started talking about destroying bridges underwater where the aliens took up residence.  The concept of machines controlling the world is understandable considering the many devices now in play.  I.e., devices that control your entire house activity from a cell phone and robots that vacuum your floors.  Hollywood has a powerful and great imagination.  Although the acting was good and the action was also good, I didn’t understand why 2 characters had to die (it didn’t make it any more believable nor any  more interesting).  I liked Pacific Rim mostly because of Idris Elba.  It just didn’t make me say “wow” and I wasn’t thoroughly entertained.  The best I could give it is a rating of 7.   I do however, think it’s worth seeing on the big screen and it’s definitely worth renting.