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THE GIFT (2015) – My rating: 8.5/10

TheGiftA well done story that ends up being about bullying.  A young married couple moves to Los Angeles from Chicago where they’re starting a new life.  Simon and Robyn Callen, played by Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall are living the perfect life with a bright future ahead of them.  Simon has a new job while Robyn, who recently miscarried back in Chicago, is setting up her business at home.  As they were out shopping to decorate their new home, Simon encounted a chance meeting with an old high school classmate named Gordo Moseley (Joel Edgerton).  Simon has a hard time remembering Gordo but introduces him to his wife and was polite anyway.  A couple of days later, Gordo leaves a gift and a card at their front door, welcoming the happy couple to LA.  Soon after, he starts to drop by unannounced bringing more gifts including koi fish for Robyn’s empty pond.  Eventually, Gordo invites the Callens to his home for a small dinner party.  At this point Simon has started to regain his memories of Gordo and is reluctant to attend his dinner party.  In high school  Gordo was referred to as Gordo the Weirdo.

The Gift is now starting to get pretty mysterious and you can’t help but wonder where this whole story is going to end up.  It’s clear that Gordo is up to no good and Simon is loosing his patience with him.  I must say, this is one of the most unpredictable movies I’ve seen.  Nothing is as it seems.  I really can’t say much because the twist in this movie is so profound, I’d be giving away everything if I said another word.  I can only say, The Gift is a good one that’s definitely worth seeing.  It’s an exciting thriller that will have you guessing right up to the very end.  It’s truly a story of bullying and revenge.  You won’t be disappointed.