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RIDDICK (2013) – My rating 6.5/10

RiddickI was so looking forward to seeing Riddick (Rule the Dark).  In a sentence, I didn’t like it.  Trapped on an alien planet, Riddick is forced to rely on his ability to survive the likes of thirsty night creatures who attack and eat anything moving.  Riddick cleverly summons ships and hostile humans via a beacon.  He has a price on his head but more importantly, an eclipse is coming that will make the planet dark for a month.  All beefs will have to be put aside if anyone is to survive. And of course, Riddick has all the answers.

For me, this movie was too dark.  Riddick was too full of himself and the movie moved way too slow.  Most of the action was near the end.  I felt like I was watching Cast Away with Tom Hanks.  Watch out Hollywood, you wouldn’t want Vin Diesel to end up like Stephen Segal.  The Riddick character needs to be knocked down a peg or two.  Special effects were pretty good but not good enough to save this lack luster sequel.  I would venture to say, see it on DVD.