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RUNNER RUNNER (2013) – My rating: 7.5/10

RunnerRunnerA student loses all of his college tuition on a popular website playing  on-line poker.  He discovers that he was cheated so he sets out to confront the owner of the web site and finds himself working in a web of crooked high rolling cheats.  Richie Furst played by Justine Timberlake, thought he was dealing with a legitimate, up front guy named Ivan Block, played by Ben Affleck, but soon found out differently.  This movie reminded me so much of “21” a movie starring Kevin Spacey as a teacher who teaches a special student how to win at gambling by counting cards so he could afford his college tuition.  I found Runner Runner to be very entertaining and well acted.  I could actually believe this kind of thing could happen.  There’s a lot of double crossing, deceit, action and drama in this movie.  I especially enjoyed Justin Timberlake’s performance as he has turned out to be a really good actor as well as an excellent singer and a great entertainer. I recommend that you  check it out on DVD.