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TAMMY (2014) – My rating: 7.5/10

TammyThere is something about Melissa McCarthy that is so likable.  She is funny and a fantastic actress.  She seems down to Earth — I don’t know if she is but that’s how she comes off.  Tammy is another one of her silly little comedies that just makes you laugh and have a good time watching it.  It’s not the greatest comedy but it sends some messages that are pretty profound.  Susan Sarandon was great as grandma with diabetes, swollen feet and a drinking problem.  The two of them made a funny, wild pair of misfits who just needed to get a grip on reality.  Some of Melissa’s scenes were very funny, however the element of surprise was taken away because Hollywood insist on over shooting the trailers.  I think Melissa is well known for how successfully funny she is without revealing a quarter of the movie in the coming attractions.  Kathy Bates and Sandra Oh rounded out “Tammy” to make it worth seeing on the big screen.  Good cast, good script and good acting.  Being the trailers told so much of the story, I won’t spoil it further with too much information.  I think Tammy’s a winner.

GREY’S ANATOMY – My rating: 9.5/10

GreysAnatomyGrey’s Anatomy is now in it’s 10th season.  There’s a reason for this.  The show is that good.  I never grow tired or bored with Grey’s Anatomy because the stories are excellent.  I was told that the writer, who they consider a genius and is also the writer of Scandal, goes out looking for real live medical cases that are rare and exciting to bring to the show each week.  I remember one case that involved a pole that rammed through 2 people.  Only one could live after the removal of the pole.  Unfortunately, the older person would survive while the young, engaged woman had to die.  It was a very sad but true story.  Many weird cases have been presented and many personal stories are told each week.  Shonda Rhimes is an excellent writer and has two great shows airing back to back.  Most of today’s doctors started out as new interns and evolved into what they are today.  Sandra Oh, who is the reining queen of mean but efficiently brilliant, is leaving the show after this season.  The controversial Isaiah Washington, who was thrown off the show for a derogatory gay remark he made some years ago, is returning as the brilliant heart surgeon, Dr. Bert.  He and Sandra Oh were getting married when he left her at the alter, never to return, until now.  All of this makes for some interesting episodes in the weeks to come.  Also, the music, which Grey’s Anatomy is known for,  is fantastic.  I hope there will be many, many more seasons to come — Grey’s Anatomy is a winner.