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THE INVISIBLE WOMAN (2013) – My rating: 6.5/10

TheInvisibleWomanThe Invisible Woman is a story about a period in the life of the famous social critic and author, Charles Dickens played by Ralph Fiennes.  This is a respected, well loved member of the arts at it’s finest.  How many of us know the true story of this man’s life.  His treatment of his wife was considered by many as down right cruel.  He had 10 children, not including one that died with his mistress, Ellen Ternan/Nelly played by Felicity Jones.  He claimed that he didn’t love his wife but was grateful for having bore him a great family.  He considered his wife empty and uninformed, going nowhere because she lacked the literary insight necessary to truly understand and push him toward his endeavors.

While I find his works fascinating, as I read many of his novels, I find his personal life choices distasteful.  As far as the Invisible Woman goes, I find the style in which the story is told quite boring.  The movie was “oh so slow”.  The scenery was beautiful, the acting was good but the pace was very British.  It was like being in school, watching a history lesson of minimal interest.  I truly love Ralph Feinnes who also directed this movie but…  There’s much more to Charles Dickson’s biography, for this reason I recommend seeing The Invisible Woman — it’s not a complete waste of time since this is a piece of history and is currently on DVD.

[THE INVISIBLE WOMAN is nominated for Achievement in Costume Design]