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THE WALK (2015) – My rating: 8.5/10

TheWalkI kept wondering what kind of content could go into a movie about a walk between two buildings on a rope.  I realize it’s was between the tallest buildings in the world, however the movie was over two hours long.  I had no idea the preparation that went into an endeavor, a dream, an impossible, not to mention illegal feat, such as this.  The Walk captures your attention and engages your curiosity with the intensity of “The Donald” taking a midnight run alone through Spanish Harlem.  Joseph Gorden-Levitt plays Philippe Petit the actual French Tightrope Walker who made history when he walked between the World Trade Towers in 1974.  Philippe was much more than a tightrope walker, he was also a juggler, a magician and a street entertainer.  The Walk is a true story directed by Robert Zemeckis and in my opinion is sure to achieved an Oscar nod for his fabulous direction of this film.

The Walk opens with Philippe Narrating from atop the Statue of Liberty torch, overlooking the World Trade Towers.  Next Philippe is shown in Paris, France performing on a unicycle as the onlookers throw all sorts of delights to show their appreciation of his talents.  As he collects money and bites down on a hard piece of candy, he breaks a filling in his tooth causing great pain and a trip to the dentist.  There he discovers a picture of the World Trade Center, still under construction.  This is where his dream of wire walking between the Twin Towers is born.  He then meets “Papa Rudy” Omankowsky (Ben Kingsley) a Tightrope Walker who preforms at his own circus. Philippe convinces Papa Rudy to teach him some of his trade secrets and shares his future plans.  As the story moves on and the journey begins, Philippe meets many new characters who become accomplices and friends.  The film, of course moves from France to New York where the excitement mounts.  The actual walk between the towers takes your breath away.  This movie is an experience I’m glad I didn’t miss.  I highly recommend you take the time to check out The Walk.  It’s entertaining and well done.