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ROSEMARY’S BABY 1968 9/10 vs 2014 8.5/10



I saw the original Rosemary’s baby when it came out in 1968 and again in May of 2014, a couple of days after the new Rosemary’s Baby mini series ended.  The original starring Mia Farrow, was in the movies but the remake, starring Zoe Saldana as Rosemary Woodhouse, was on TV (NBC) as a 2 part mini series.  I am happy to see a modernize version of this classic tale of evil remade.  However, because it was remade for TV, Rosemary’s Baby was swarming with commercials.  The original was dark, mysterious and scary.  The remake definitely  lacked some of the mystery although most of the elements were there.  The scary and mysterious aura were not.  In all fairness, this could also be because I already knew what to expect.  I found a few small problems with the remake.  I think it should have been produced for and aired on a premium channel like HBO, Showtime or Starz.  The



commercials were a huge turnoff.  Another really tiny thing that annoyed me was  Zoi’s long straight hair wig.  It looked artificial.  Over all, Rosemary’s Baby was excellently done the first time (a 9/10).   I would give the remake a 8.5/10 because of the obvious updates and how they fit it all in the story without compromising the plot.  In the original, Rosemary didn’t have the luxury of a cell phone or internet so she relied on using pay phones as well as books from the library.    I liked the way Rosemary and her husband interacted with one another.  They definitely seemed closer in the remake.  Now that the mini series has aired, I suspect you can catch it ON DEMAND then after a while on Netflix.  I think Roman Polanski did a very good job on the original and  Agnieszka Holland did equally as well on the remake.  The story was slightly changed to accommodate modern times without compromising the film.  I loved Patrick J. Adams (Suites) as Guy Woodhouse.   BTW:  I really am not into Devil movies but this one was an eye opener in it’s hay day.  You can learn a thing or two and keep your eyes open, you never know what so folks are up to.  Overall, check this one out especially if you’ve never seen the original.  I don’t think it will scare you as much as intrigue you.

WAITING FOR GUFFMAN (1996) – My Rating: 4/10

And the Point is?
WaitingForGuffmanI found this movie to be extremely irritating. I can’t believe the 7.6 rating this movie received from IMDB voters. There was no point to it. 90 minutes + of annoying dialog, going nowhere. The few laughs, actually I can only think of a couple, were not worth an entire movie of mediocre characters trying to put on a 150 year anniversary show about the history of a little town called Blaine, Missouri. Somewhere in this movie, I heard folks of Blaine refer to a UFO abduction several years ago. The incident went unnoticed by the outside world, thereby making it an unproven tale. The UFO story was the most interesting thing about Blaine — the director and all the characters were extremely eccentric, which was the premise for the movie.

I just don’t see 7.6 or even 5.6 — after the movie, I kept wondering, what was the point? I was neither entertained nor mentally stimulated.