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THE WORLD’S END (2013) – My rating: 7/10

WorldsEndFeeling quite under the weather when I saw this movie, I found it hard to stay focused.  It seemed to be all over the place.  First you have one man with a Peter Pan Complex, then you have a band of followers that are easily manipulated into going on a juvenile adventure to “pub crawl” as they did when they were young.  Upon their graduation, they never made it to the last pub so their goal is to hit every pub, including The World’s End.  A funny thing happened while they were half way through their travels.  I can’t reveal that funny thing because it would truly spoil the entire movie for you.  I will say, this movie was weird, strange, dysfunctional but still managed to send plenty of meaningful messages.  I don’t think it was worth the big screen but I will say that the special effects were awesome.  BTW:  I didn’t recognize any of the actors except Rosamund Pike who had a minimal role.  I don’t recommend The World’s End, however, I won’t try to discourage you from seeing it.  If you like weird, British and want to be taken on a journey of sheer madness, indulge in The World’s End.