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THE FIGHT WITHIN (2016) – My rating: 6.7/10

TheFightWithinThe Fight Within was not a well advertised movie, probably because it’s faith based.  As it turns out, it wasn’t one of the best faith based movies I’ve seen but it was decent enough to hold ones interest.  Logan Chandler (John Major Davis)  is a boxer who doesn’t really want to be a boxer.  His dad, Rich Chandler (Dan Severn) owns a gym and was a pretty good boxer but died of a heart attack, leaving the gym to Logan and his brother Mason Chandler (Mike H. Taylor).  As in most of these boxer type movies, there’s a nasty, mean fighter, Haydon Dressler (Matt Leddo) who thinks he can beat the world, challenging the good guy who doesn’t want to be challenged for some unknown reason.  Logan meets a lovely girl, Emma Jones (Lelia Symington) who has her head on straight and her feet well planted in her faith and will stop at nothing to help Logan find his way.  Between Logan’s brother, and girlfriend and a mysterious old man, Michael (Wesley Williams) who appears to be homeless, they help Logan find his way.

The movie is a little cheesy and tries it’s best to be authentic but lacks substance thereby failing to deliver a strong enough performance to be convincing.  It had a “by the book” order to the plot and a predictable outcome.  While I still found it to be entertaining, I also found it to be unfulfilling in it’s message.  I originally was there to see Florence Foster Jenkins, but it was surprisingly sold out.  I absolutely love faith based movies, being in my own walk with GOD.  This one just wasn’t as good as many other that I’ve seen.  Of course this is just my opinion — you may feel differently.