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THE FIFTH ESTATE (2013) – My rating 8/10


A Story about WikiLeaks

I’ve been reeling since I saw The Fifth Estate.  I hadn’t really thought about how damaging revealing all truth is.  While I believe freedom of speech is important, I think there are times when all the information should not make it to the public.  There should probably be a rule of thumb, when the information is endangering people’s lives, it should not be revealed.  You cannot have undercover agents getting killed because their identities are being revealed by the very country that has hired them to protect the nation.

ABC’s Scandal just aired an episode where a mother was distraught  because her son, who was killed by the CIA, was accused of being a terrorist.  He was not, but they couldn’t tell his mother the truth because it would have put 51 undercover agents in jeopardy.  She blew herself up because she couldn’t accept that her son was a terrorist.  It’s a sad and harsh reality but all information just can’t be revealed.  I think Julian Assange went too far and had much too much ego.  He became quite powerful which, as we all know, breeds corruption.

The acting was superb, the casting was outstanding, as the resemblance between Julian Assange and Benedict Cumberbatch was uncanny.  Wikileaks started out as brilliant but ended up in a pile of rubble.  If you are not a fan of Information Technology, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend The Fifth Estate on the big screen.  However, it’s definitely worth seeing.  In my opinion, it’s not as exciting as Social Network (the story of Facebook) but it’s entertaining and truthful.  There is a book out, written by former sidekick, Daniel Domscheit-Berg (“Inside WikiLeaks: My Time with Julian Assange at the world’s most dangerous website”).