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THE COUNSELOR (2013) – My rating: 5.5/10

TheCounselorFrom the very first scene to the last, The Counselor was confusing, strange, laid back and uninformative.  I was not quite sure what the opening scene was trying to convey nor was I clear on why we were seeing what we were seeing.  I find when there are too many big name stars in one movie, it usually sucks.  This one really sucked.  I actually was engaged in conversation with some of the movie goers.  Not one of them understood the movie or liked it.  One lady said it was the worst movie of the year.  I almost had to agree.  All I can share is “if you live by the sword, you will most likely die by the sword”.  There was only one innocent person in the whole story and that person didn’t  live by the sword but died anyway.  I can’t even recommend The Counselor on DVD — it’s just a complete waste of time.  I gave it a 5.5 rating because it was well acted, even though it didn’t really entertain.