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I Hope you enjoy Movie Reviews which reflect my opinions of the many movies I’ve enjoyed or not!

I feel too many critics have lost sight of what a movie is supposed to bring to the viewer.  They are always looking to tear a movie apart intellectually.  Sometimes we just go to see a movie for the pure entertainment, be it silly, fantasy, untrue or just drama.  I choose to give my reviews for the exoteric viewers who just want to be entertained.  NOTE:  Only movies that have not yet been released to DVD are under CURRENT MOVIE REVIEWS.


Most movies start out under the CURRENT MOVIE REVIEW category.  When a movie is released to DVD, it is then removed from the current Movie Review category and placed under the DVD MOVIE REVIEW category.  There are some movies that are released straight to DVD without hitting the theaters and there are movies that I didn’t see until they were released to DVD.  

DVD releases are mixed in with old and new releases and are no longer under the CURRENT MOVIE REVIEWS category.  There is also an Index of all movie reviews. Hope this will help you find reviews easier.  Comments and suggestions are always welcomed.

STREAMING has been added to accommodate apps like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and others that stream movies, documentaries and original series. Some movies are strictly streamed without ever hitting a movie theater. These movies can’t be categorized under Current Movie Reviews or DVD Reviews, so Streaming is where you will find that movie categorized.

If a movie is on Blue-Ray and also Streamed, you will be able to find that movie under STREAMING as well as DVD. Sometimes a movie is Streamed for a certain time frame, then it’s taken off STREAMING and it’s not on Blue-Ray or DVD. In that case, I have no idea what happens to that movie or how you can get hold of it. This is something that needs to be addressed for future reference. Rest assured, I will document the answer when it’s revealed to the public.

When the Oscars are announced, I list all movie that have been nominated in the following categories: Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Achievement in Cinematography, Achievement in Costume Design, Achievement in directing, Achievement in Film Editing, Achievement in Makeup and Hair styling, Achievement in Music (Original Score), Achievement in Music (Original Song), Achievement in Production Design, Achievement in Sound Editing, Achievement in Sound Mixing, Achievement in Visual Effects, Adapted Screenplay and Original Screenplay,

The Oscars have always been near and dear to my heart.  Every year, I try to see all of the nominated movies with the exception of Documentaries, Animated Feature Films, Foreign Language Films and Action Short Films.  This doesn’t mean I don’t see movies in these categories, it just means I see what’s popular first. Since I’m unable see every nominated movie in these latter categories, I’m unable to make a choice as to which one I think will win.

All Oscar nominated movie reviews are now displayed by year under the OSCARS category/tab. I hope you will enjoy reading the reviews. When the winners are presented at the Oscars ceremony, (usually presented in February or March on ABC TV) I post them under the OSCARS category/tab and make an entire page of all the winners available by clicking a link provided there as well. In the future, I also hope to include a poll so that you can vote on your favorite Oscar nods.

I use the same movie review concept to critique TV shows and movies that I have seen.  I hope you enjoy my TV blog as well.

Cable as well as broadcast TV has some of the most riveting shows I’ve had the pleasure to watch.  Everything from sitcoms to life stories to documentaries can be viewed on television.  This genre of media deserves to be acknowledged right along with the Hollywood creations we see in the theater.  I watch a lot of television and as a result of some very good programs, I’m doing my best to critique the movies and series I see on TV and post it under TV/CABLE CRITIQUES.


I watch many TV shows.  I don’t always love a series but most often I really do like the show I’m watching.  Against my better opinion, everyone doesn’t feel the same so that beloved show may get cancelled or the actors may decide to end the series while it’s still hot.  Go Figure!

By clicking RIP, you’ll be able to see what series are no longer with us.  So I bid these series to Rest In Peace — they are probably missed by all, at lease by me.


I can be very passionate regarding issues of the heart.  I believe you’ll find my Human Interest blog quite interesting. You’ll also find documentaries under Human Interest because documentaries are real stories about either someone’s life or a situation someone is trying to bring to our attention. Once you take a look, you’ll see what I mean.

Some stories are current events and some are my own personal experiences.  I thought it would be interesting for other people to share in the many stories and situations I think deserve an opinion.


There are so many stories about people and situations that start out NOT being newsworthy.  Just to make a newsworthy story out of a situation, someone decides to go overboard with their reporting.  Most of it is “Much to do about Nothing”.  I hope you will like and share your opinions about the stories I post.

I am constantly looking for stories that I think are worthy of this topic to post.  I will give my humble opinion at the end of my post.


My christian entries are and will be stories of profound interest. 
  If you haven’t noticed, the USA is moving toward becoming a secular nation.  This makes for a lot of Christian bound stories.

Some stories may already be documented and some may just be my opinion.  Sometimes a Christian movie may be posted under Christian Talk.  Which ever the case, I hope you will enjoy the topic of Christian Talk. Please feel free to voice your opinion at any time.  All are welcome!


WordPress does not seem to have a working Index creator, so I’ve taken the liberty of creating my own.  Under INDEXES you’ll find all the indexes of each category above, in alphabetical order.

Under Indexes are subcategories.  If you want to just see an index of Current Movies and DVD reviews, click on the Movie Index.  If you just want to see TV/Cable Critiques, click on the TV Index.  Eventually, an index for each menu choice will appear under the INDEXES category.  I hope you find this feature useful as each title links to an actual review or post!


Please try to keep your comments clean, as this is a family blog.

 Thanks for visiting CAROL’s WORLD!!

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