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HEAVEN IS FOR REAL (2014) – My rating: 7.5/10

HeavenIsForRealHeaven is for Real was pretty good.   A 4 year old boy had a near death experience when his appendix ruptured.  He survived the ordeal only to tell his parents about people and events that took place in heaven that he couldn’t possibly know about.  He even met Jesus.  It is my understanding from the Bible, that we will not have these earthly bodies in Heaven and when Jesus returns, we will all be judged, therefore no one should be in Heaven (except the original angels) until the Rapture.  I was always under the impression when you die, you are in a deep sleep or unconscientiousness until judgement day.  This is only my interpretation so I could be mistaken.  Also, everything shown in the coming attractions was not shown in the  movie which is a pet peeve of mine.

I had the privilege of meeting the real family with their son at my church a few weeks ago.  They have their own ministry and moved out of their original hometown.  Their son is now 14 years old, as this happened 10 years ago.  Their ordeal reminded me of Resurrection because the town turned against them at first.  I’m not sure if anyone believes the story and I’m not sure how profound the message is.  I do believe the boy had a spiritual experience, I’m just not sure their story wasn’t embellished. It is a good movie, none the less.